Ne-Yo » “Drugz” » Download » (Full) » This is a new track from Ne-Yo’s album, Because of You, entitled “Drugz.” Now I am not sure if this is going to be a single or not, I wouldn’t necessarily go that route, definitely not single worthy but very enticing lyrics and Ne-Yo’s voice sort of flows with the string guitar. Nice slowjam for the grown and sexy. So, I take it that most of this album will be basically “love oriented” or some infatuation with partner…

Eve » “Tambourine” » Download » (Full) » I absolutely am in love with Eve and any thing she helps produce, I recently heard a snippet of this joint, produced by Swizz Beatz, and I wanted hear the FULL! I am sure you all did too (don’t lie), lol, so here it is! I am so happy that Eve is finally back on the scene man, love her music, and this single will definitely progress.

Beyoncé » “If” (You Let Him Take Me…) » Download » (Full) » YES! YES! YES! That’s what I’m taking bout Beyoncé– she sang, not sing, saaang the hell out of this shit and I felt it. I knew I would love this the first time I heard the snippet, cause I kept playing it and playing it, like I got a taste but wanted a little more. the lyrics and overall concept is on point and so true, Hotest. Chick. In. The. Motherfuckin. GAME. Too bad it’s only on the Europe edition, I just found out, why do they always get the extra tracks? lol. O’well at least you heard it on here guys 😉

Bjork » “Earth Intruders” » Download » (Full) » Now I recently heard some Bjork, I didn’t know who she was or what a “Bjork” was for that matter, but I am feeling her sound so far and was floored when I heard that Oceania remix she recently did with my idol Kelis! Shit’s HARD. I am always (always!) open to new captivating sounds that inspire, I never question to that which is decent art, speaking of which– to my understanding this joint right here was a callaboration duo with Timbaland, that’s dope!

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