New Think2wice Layout Coming Soon!!

Hey guys! Sorry about not updating at all today. I underwent a major “wisdom teeth extraction surgery” this morning. In lamens terms, I got 4 wisdom teeth cut out and it HURTS LIKE HELL! The reason I say “major” is because I had some complications this morning (after the surgery) with my blood not clotting properly, and on top of that, a 30-minute surgery ended up taking an hour and a half. The bleeding finally stopped and my mouth is feeling much better. I may not be fine by tomorrow, but Thursday I will definitely resume updates. And oh yeah! I’ve been working on a new layout for the past 2 MONTHS and I know that you guys are gonna love it! You can check out a small sneak preview above… Thanks for being so understanding, and be sure to check out the awesome blogs to the left ’til we come back!!