Chris Brown: “The thang itself look like a red hot dog!”Chris Brown made a guest appearance on NYC’s popular radio station Hot97 earlier this week where he officially dispelled the rumors that pics of his manhood leaked online.

Me, personally, I’m gon keep it 100 with you with the whole picture situation, it’s completely false. But at the same time, as soon as you get like a level of clout or a little bit of power, something is gonna happen. Not sayin necessarily a picture is gonna show up, but it’s gon be something, that somebody is gonna be like, ‘oh, such and such did this, such and such did that.’

…And I’ve looked at the pictures. My manager woke me up in the morning, and I’m like ‘Yo! What The Heck…?’ I’m like ‘Yo, that’s not even me!’ I’m lookin at two pictures of two different dudes abs, like the ab muscles.. And the thang itself, I’m like ‘Dude, that look like a red hot dog…’

A red hot dog?? Lol that is CLASSIC! Anyhow, even though this is all false, things like this make me glad that I don’t own a sidekick!! *wink* You can check out the video from the interview after the cut.

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