Musiq’s new video for Buddy has been out for a while now, but apparantly no one recorded it and put it up on the web. It is currently  MIA on the youtube website! Luckily, my girl Amanda from Atlantic Records sent me the video and you guys can check it out after the jump.

Also, I am scheduled to interview Musiq Soulchild himself tomorrow afternoon, and if you guys have any questions of your own that you want me to throw in, let me know here. I can’t guarantee that I will be able to get them into the interview, but I will definitely try my best. Variety is always welcome! Remember, the VIDEO is after the jump below!

EDIT: Alright guys, the Musiq Soulchild Interview is complete, check it out HERE!

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  1. Does Musiqu have a girlfriend?

    What inspires him to make music?

    How did he feel after his slight mess up of the national anthem? Was he embarrassed?

    What female artist is musique feeling right now?

    WHat male artist is musique feeling right now?

    Does musique feel like it’s hard to be creative and innovative being in a loaded industry such as music?

    Does he find it hard to reinvent his style and bring something fresh and exciting to the music world?

  2. 1. Who is Musiq’s biggest inspiration as an artist?

    2. Does Musiq want collab with any R&B artist currently out?

  3. Good questions Lea! You’ve already answered most of the ones I was going to ask. LOL. But let’s see:

    1. What kind of artists/ producers is he working with on this album? And how long did the process take him?

    2. Cosign with Lea, with the whole “national anthem slip up” thing… But I’m sure he’s over that. I give him kudos for trying though.

    3. How does he feel about todays music and will he feel to be up to par [with going the mainstream route] or just stick to doing himself?

    4. What other artists is he interested in working with?

    5. Why your eye look like that? (not my question by the way) LOL

  4. 1. How does he feel about today’s music in comparison to when he first came out? or when he was growin up?

    2. Was he in a relationship with India Arie? (yes i’m being nosy, hehe)

    3. How is this album goin to be different from his previous albums?

    4. After this album drops will he go on tour and if so, who would he like to tour with?

    5. Since there are so many artists (rappers/r&b singers) trying their hand at acting, is that something he might consider pursuing?

    6. Currently who are his top 3 favorite artists?

    7. How does he decide which one of his songs will be the first single? since it will represent the mood as well give his audience a taste of what the rest of the album will be about

    side note: i saw musiq perform at the 2006 essence music festival and he was great. they should have given him a bigger area since he had so many fans there. just wanted him to know that i love his music and i’m so excited he’s coming out with a new album. i know he will not disappoint.

  5. 1. What does musiq intend to do in the future for his fans?
    2. The new generation demands a more present idol/artist, does musiq have plans/idéas to meet those demands?
    3. Has musiq done any underground stuff that didnt get airplay but still exists out there?

    …and lastly, I recently heard the so called national anthem-hickup and I dont see the big deal. I just enjoyed musiq’s unbelievable voice. I would so like to have the full song (national anthem) on my ipod – musiq, is it possible? pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeee?

  6. what is the brand make of the jacket grey and brown jacket he was wearing at the beginning of the buddy video

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