Rosie O’Donnell thinks Kelly Rippa is a homophobe for telling Clay Aiken that it’s a “no no” to put his hands in her face. It all went down on “Live with Regis & Kelly.” Clay was filling in for Regis, and he and Kelly were interviewing Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke (winners of the latest Dancing with the Stars). Kelly seemed like she was “taking over” the interview (uhm, duh .. isn’t it HER show??) so Clay covered her mouth with his hands to shut her up. And she told him, “I don’t know where that hand’s been, honey!” in a joking manner. And that was that. Now, on The View, they were talking about the situation and Rosie O’Donnell said that she felt that what Kelly said was “homophobic” and “if it were Mario Lopez or any person that she didn’t question their sexuality, she wouldn’t have said that.” Oh, what-the-fuck-ever! I don’t care who you are … that’s NASTY puttin your hands on somebody’s mouth, and Rosie knows that. And if she doesn’t care about someone puttin their hands in her face, that’s her … to each his/her own. Clay Aiken didn’t take what Kelly said so seriously, and Rosie shouldn’t have either. Check out the iFilm clip from below.

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