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"Basketball Wives L.A." Season 5 Episode 12 aired on VH1 Sunday night (Sep. 25). Jackie asks Malaysia to accompany her on the day of her weight-loss procedure. Later, Duffey apologizes...

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Power Season 3 Finale Recap: What Is Ghost Gonna Do Now That Everything Has Gone to Hell?

The season finale of Power is finally here and while I'm crying Michael Jordan tears because the best show on TV is coming to an end for a whole...

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American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare (Season 6) Episode 2 aired on FX Wednesday night (Sep. 21). Watch American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 2 (My Roanoke Nightmare) Here: CLICK HERE...

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"Empire" is back for Season 3, which premiered on Fox Wednesday night (Sep. 21). Season 3 picks up with Hakeem left at the altar, Lucious and Anika newly married, and...

Sheryl Underwood Emotionally Calls Out Her White Co-Hosts & Viewers During Terence Crutcher Discussion

“You don’t have to train the cops not to shoot white people, why you gotta train them not to shoot us?”

Watch: You’ll Never Guess Who the Third Kardashian Game Claimed He Smashed on “Sauce” Is

The west coast rapper appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and the talk show host prodded him to reveal which three Kardashians he claims he did the nasty with, and he was very eager to share.

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"Atlanta" Season 1 Episode 4 aired on FX Tuesday night (Sep. 20). In this episode, "The Streisand Effect," Paper Boi goes nuts due to social media and Earn needs money. Watch...

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"Bad Girls Club," one of the most ratchet reality shows on television, returns for its 16th season, called "Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption," which debuted on Oxygen Tuesday night...

Corey Feldman Whines on Facebook Live Because the Internet Hated His Bizarre Today Show Performance

The 80s star became the joke of the internet after his bizarre performance of his new single on the Today show went viral.

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Episode 6 ("I Want It All") aired on VH1 Monday night (Sep. 19). Safaree catches Nikki in the act, and Brandi and Max's marriage...

Watch: Wendy Williams Cries While Paying Tribute to “Wigologist” Antwon Jackson After His Sudden Passing

“The reason I am wearing my turban is because I am wigless.”

Basketball Wives L.A. Recap: Jackie Christie Apologizes to Angel Brinks for Her Bad Behavior

Jackie Christie is a hurricane. And you know what everyone on the cast of Basketball Wives L.A. has learned after Jackie's meltdown? You can't stop Hurricane Christie.

Watch “Rob & Chyna” Episode 2: ‘Rob-ing the Cradle’

"Rob & Chyna" Season 1 Episode 2 aired on E! Sunday night (Sep. 18). In this episode, Scott Disick offers to help Rob overcome his insecurities, while Chyna gets a...

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"Basketball Wives L.A." Season 5 Episode 10 aired on VH1 Sunday night (Sep. 18). A fight breaks out when Tami fires Duffey from her daughter's music video, and the Angels...

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Power Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Ghost & Tasha Have Passionate Make-Up Sex While Tariq Is Out Here Doing Hoodrat Stuff With Kanan

In this week's episode, Ghost finds a way to get his deal with Karen Bassett back on the table, Kanan talks Tariq into doing hoodrat stuff, everyone in Angela's office is close to finding out who the leak is, and Ghost and Tasha make-up and take things to the bedroom for the first time this season.

John Conner III: Some Things to Know About “Bring It!” Dance Coach Arrested for Exposing Boy to HIV

Dance coach John Conner III was arrested on Friday (Sept. 16) for having sex with a minor and exposing him to HIV.

Evelyn Lozada Isn’t Really Interested in Returning to Basketball Wives

Evelyn, who's busy being an actual "housewife" and mother these days, is looking forward and not backward when it comes to her TV career.

Watch American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 1 (My Roanoke Nightmare)

After months and months of buildup and teasers, the highly anticipated sixth season of American Horror Story, titled "My Roanoke Nightmare," debuted on FX Wednesday night (Sep. 14). Watch American...

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"Atlanta" Season 1 Episode 3 aired on FX Tuesday night (Sep. 13). In this episode, "Go for Broke," Earn is broke and tries to date. Watch "Atlanta" Season 1 Episode 3...

Lil Wayne Says Racism No Longer Exists Because White People Attend His Shows

In a recent interview, the rapper claims he didn’t know racism still existed because his audiences are mostly comprised of white people.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Episode 5

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Episode 5 ("Now or Never") aired on VH1 Monday night (Sep. 12). Nikki attempts to juggle her relationships with Safaree and Rosa, and A1...

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Shanda Denyce Gets Her Wig Snatched and Her Ass Beat by Kyesha Shalina

Shanda's dignity went smooth out of the window as her husband’s mistress embarrassed her on episode 5 of the third season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

“Rob & Chyna” Debut Puts Dysfunctional Couple’s Bad Behavior on Display

The most visible and focused thing in the first episode of the show is around Rob and Chyna's argumentative and combative relationship.

Monica Responded to Brandy’s #SoGoneChallenge Shade in the Classiest Way Possible

During the season three premiere of The Real, Brandy was mentioned, and the "So Gone" singer addressed her two-time duet partner’s shade in the classiest way possible.

Basketball Wives L.A.: Jackie Christie Is Crazy As Hell, But She Might Have a Point About Angel Brinks

I'm going to do the unthinkable for a minute here and actually defend Basketball Wives L.A.'s most unhinged castmate, Jackie Christie, but hear me out.