Watch “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” Season 2 Episode 9

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” Season 2 Episode 9 aired on VH1 Monday night (Nov. 21).

The crew travel to the Dominican Republic for Don’s wedding. Later, Kat confronts Phor about his infidelity; Van’s threesome goes awry when his girlfriend brings a surprise guest; and Don jeopardizes his marriage after flirting with a stripper.

Watch “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” Season 2 Episode 9 Here:

About the show:

Back to the business and hustle at 9Mag, the notorious tattoo shop in the heart of Chicago, season two follows the crew as they are faced with huge changes in their personal lives and even bigger changes in the shop that once brought them all together. This season welcomes back series regulars Ryan, Kat, Phor, Charmaine, Don, Van, and Danielle, along with new tattoo artists Cobra Kat and Junior Diaz.

Competition in the shop is on the rise and 9Mag is faced with more threats than ever as ego and tensions within the group cause loyalty to be tested. The drama continues when Van is released from prison, a secret love child is revealed and an unexpected relationship forms that causes a divide within the shop. Expect more ink, more heart and even more drama from the streets of America’s roughest city.