Google Accused of Rigging Search Results to Favor Hillary Clinton

The internet is supposed to be a bastion of hope for the free exchange of information and ideas. People flock to it in the hopes that they will find the latest news without a biased slant or share their beliefs without censorship.

Oh, and to watch funny animal videos too (actually, mainly to watch funny animal videos, and there’s no shame in that). But is the Internet really the pure, unadulterated, bias-free, uncensored place that it should be?

On Thursday (Jun 9), SourceFed broke the story that Google searches have been manipulated to favor Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Google searches are controlled by an algorithm that, in theory, links your search to the most relevant information, largely based off how often other people are searching the same thing. That’s why when you type in “what is the capital of Zimbabwe” you immediately get the answer: Harare (there’s your fun fact for the day).

This system is largely why we trust Google so much. When we ask it a question, we are confident that will be directed to an accurate, unbiased answer. But it turns out, this may not always be the case.

By comparing the autocomplete feature on the Google search bar to their trending searches charts, SourceFed discovered that certain key words and stories that painted the political elite in a negative light were replaced with more flattering searches.


If you type in “Hillary Clinton Cri” into Google right now, you will see suggestions for “Hillary Clinton crime reform” as the top suggestion. Try it on Bing or Yahoo, however, and you are bombarded with results linking the presidential nominee to her criminal investigation, crimes, and her criminal record.

SourceFed dug deeper, ensuring that this wasn’t simply the result of different search preferences amongst different engines. They went to the Google Trends Graphs and found that the autocomplete suggestions were largely skewed away from actual searches.

While “Hillary Clinton crimes” had been searched widely and often, Google’s number one suggestion “Hillary Clinton crime reform” didn’t have enough searches to even register on the graph.

And this isn’t the only example. Try searching for the widely popular “Hillary Clinton Indictment” and you are instead suggested to search for “Hillary Clinton India.”


What does this mean? Google has been manipulating its searches to help paint Clinton in a good light. The other candidates? Not so much. Ted Cruz is quickly suggested to be called “Lyin’ Ted,” there’s no hiding the fact that Trump is labeled a racist, and a quick search of Bernie Sanders immediately takes you to his socialist label.

Surprisingly (or, sadly, maybe not at all) this isn’t the only instance of this happening. Google has recently had to defend itself from allegations that they purposely failed to autocomplete the term “Crooked Hillary” on their search engine. It’s not until you completely type out “Crooked Hillary” that a suggestion pops up, and even then, it pulls in Hillary’s rival, Bernie Sanders.

You can see SourceFed’s full video here.

It’s clear that something is not right here. And while SourceFed was quick to point out that they are not saying Hillary or her campaign had anything to do with this, the facts are right there in front of us.

Google, the world’s most widely used search engine, has altered its transmission of information to its users. And their defense that the algorithm for autocomplete is linked to a number of searches simply does not hold any water.

Just yesterday, we here at Gossip On This discussed how Facebook was deleting memes about the Stanford rapist Brock Turner, and now Google is in the spotlight. So what does all of this mean?

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For me, it marks the end of the wild west of the internet. For those of us who remember a time before the social media craze, or maybe even having to use dial-up to connect, we were lucky enough to live in an unregulated, unbiased time. There were no rules. There was just people and information. It seems now, though, the internet has caught up to modern times.

There are now numerous regulations, a biased delivery of information, and now, clear cut censorship. I guess it was fun while it lasted.

  • Rick Smith

    The entire print and electronic media is in the tank for the wicked witch, just as it was for the HNIC, and anybody that doesn’t know that is either brain-dead or asleep.

  • Sarah 5.

    I have been noticing this for months. I hope this story spreads. I am sick of seeing the no name media sites who have hardly any online traffic getting top priority on the most unprofessionally written lies on Trump.

    The # 1 reason I’m voting for Trump? To vote against the blatant media bias and the Dem ignored corruption, criminality, and thuggery!
    Google is their accomplice in foul play!

  • Miles R.

    I’ve been a faithful user of Google since the beginning of time. I too have checked this FACT about Google sensoring the search for “Hillary Clinton Criminal” and unbelievably it’s currently still being sensored even after the publicity given to this has put its search volume above even the most popular search topics on Google. Do the comparison yourself. Go to Google trends and play around with the data. You’ll be surprised at the bias. I’m sure Google is scrambling to figure out how to fix this discrepancy so that Google Trends will reflect their dishonest sensoring. I’ve attached a screenshot of currently the most popular searched topic according to Google and the corresponding trends on the searched keywords. “Hillary Clinton Criminal” is off the charts in volume of searches it’s getting right now in comparison to the hottest topics yet Googles autocomplete STILL will not allow autocompletion of this or other potential “harmful” topics to Hillarys campaign. Unbelievable GOOGLE!!! I’m switching over my household to other more UNBIASED search engines. Goodbye and good riddance.

  • Patriot Censored


    Patriot here.

    Please copy/paste on internet randomly, for days as this will be censored.

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    Basically, police, firemen, security rabble (and cronies) appear to be attacking/stalking citizens COVERTLY (network)…in many cases for having reported crime, looking different, or “just because”. The electronic surveillance works in tandem with breaking into homes. Do the math. They stalk to watch , and report home vulnerability, so they can break in, plant devices, or steal. You will find network operatives at local hospital, FIVE POINTS BURGER JOINT ,YMCA, etc., and even outside Seven Eleven, using bluetooth communications.They are petty criminals, authorized to serve, but instead, as Kennedy warned…they are part of a secret network… many use the masonic symbol..low level idiots, and attend lodges.

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    “SNEAK AND PEEK” (authorizing police to come into your home while you are not there). That’s what surveillance is for. The stalking is to watch and see when homes are “isolated, so they can plant bugs (entrapment), or steal (GPS tracking devices planted on your car). An unlimited black budget of your tax dollars at work. By organized criminals.

    God help us all.

    P.S. What are Elks, Lions, and the rest of fraternal centers, but..Satanic lodges.

    Video if you are not the go along to get along type that will be held responsible for destroying this world:

    The reason one is compelled to choose social media icons to post comments is because tbey control comm. and target people for silencing.