“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” Season 1 Episode 6 aired on VH1 Monday night (Nov 30).

The 9 Mag crew heads to NYC to support Kat, and Ceaser and the rest of the New York “Black Ink” crew throw a party in their honor, but things take a turn for the worse. Later, Ryan finally gets fed up with Kat’s ego.

Watch “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” Season 1 Episode 6 (VIDEO) Below:

VH1 has taken their hit “Black Ink Crew” series to Chicago. “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” follows a passionate and ambitious group of friends who just so happen to be talented tattoo artists looking to find success at “9Mag” — a tattoo mecca for Hip Hop elites, celebrities and athletes breezing through the Windy City.