“Livin’ Lozada” Season 1 Episode 2 aired on OWN Saturday (Jul 18).

About the episode “What Would Beyoncé Do?” (Via OWN):

Evelyn and Shaniece are getting down to business as they each prepare to launch websites supporting their new lives and business ventures. A photographer has come in from Germany to get photos of both the ladies. Evelyn has already missed the first day’s shoot after receiving devastating news from her doctor. With only one more opportunity to get the shots, Evelyn tries to pull it together.

Meanwhile, Shaniece has her eyes on a diamond chain as a birthday gift for her boyfriend Zat. The only hiccup? The necklace costs north of $18,000. When Shaniece mentions to Danika, their business manager, Danika decides to take the news to Evelyn.

With Zat coming into town and the photo shoot over, Shaniece decides to take her 15-year-old dog Puffy to the vet to deal with his horrible breath.

Just when things seem to be settling down, Danika drops another bomb—Evelyn’s new book is not going to come out on time, and potentially, not at all. Now, Evelyn’s plans are potentially derailed.

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About the show:

Livin’ Lozada follows the lives of Evelyn Lozada (of “Basketball Wives” fame), and her 21-year-old daughter, Shaniece. Evelyn has moved on from the heartache of her highly publicized break up in a big way. She is engaged to professional baseball player CarlCrawford and the happy couple have a 1-year-old son, Leo.

Between learning to be a mom all over again, setting up a new life in Los Angeles for her family, working on getting the sequel to her first book published, and handling issues surrounding her family back East, Evelyn has a lot going on!