“Mary Mary” Season 4 Episode 5 aired on WeTV Thursday night (Apr 2).

Erica is shocked by Tina’s explicit radio confession. A “Tina as manager” mess-up costs Warryn money, and Erica nearly collapses from exhaustion.

“Mary Mary” is a reality series that follows singers Erica and Tina Campbell, who perform as the gospel duo Mary Mary.

Via WeTV:

This season on Mary Mary, Erica & Tina go full force on their solo projects. After the heartbreak of her husband’s infidelity last season, Tina is determined to show that she and Teddy have come out stronger than ever.

Erica struggles with a busy touring schedule, causing conflict at home and a new power struggle within Mary Mary. Tina vows to break out as a solo artist and take the reins and manage Mary Mary. With both sisters going their separate ways, tensions are at an all-time high.

Watch “Mary Mary” Season 4 Episode 5 Here: