The eighth episode of “Hollywood Divas” aired on TV One last night!

In the season finale, production wraps on the “film,” with Countess’s involvement still in doubt because she decided to have “surge” (surgery) the week of shooting. Meanwhile, Paula’s abandonment of the set causes problems for Elise, and a chat around the bonfire breeds tension and conflict.

“Hollywood Divas” is a new reality series from TV One starring five black actresses (Golden Brooks, Elise Neal, Paula Jai Parker, Countess Vaughn and Lisa Wu) who are navigating career, family and relationships all while trying to stay relevant in the ever-changing show business, which is known for overlooking black talent.

In an effort to stay relevant, these “forgotten stars” have decided to step outside the box, join together and put matters in their own hands to create their own short film and (hopefully) stage their own respective comebacks. But with a “former reality star” in the mix (FYI: real actors/actresses usually don’t respect reality TV), that could make things very difficult.

Watch “Hollywood Divas” Episode 8 Above!