The second episode of “Bad Girls Club: Redemption,” the thirteenth season of BGC, aired last night on Oxygen.

The episode starts off with Drunk Judi having a conversation with some plants outside, and later, Natalie’s smug behavior begins to irritate some of the women. Meanwhile, Judi forges an alliance with two unlikely housemates, and Life Coach Laura shows up to begin her “process” of helping these girls get their ish together.

In this season of BGC, the “best of the bad” move into a mansion in Los Angeles ready for a second chance at “change,” all while making new friends and facing off with old enemies. Life coach Laura from Season 12 also returns to “help each girl empower themselves, curb their tempers and reach their personal goals and aspirations.”

The cast features Jada (“The Small Rapper”) and Redd (“The Golden Actress”) from Season 12, Sarah (“The Feisty Barbie”) from Season 11, Raquel aka “Rocky” (“The Rock Factor”) from Season 10, Julie (“The Sneaky Bitch”) from Season 9, Camilla (“The Vegas Killer”) and Danni (“The Trouble One”) from Season 8, Judi (“The Drunk Mess”) from Season 7 and Natalie Nunn (“The BGC Socialite”) from Season 4.

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