“Dayummmmmm!!!!” is probably what everyone who watched tonight’s “Basketball Wives L.A.” said upon seeing the black eye Sundy Carter received at the hands (or fists?) of a very pissed off Draya Michele.

Here’s how blog.VH1.com describes the altercation:

Draya and Malaysia show up “chocolate wasted” and Jackie sees that Draya is going through it. A conversation between the two of them escalates as Sundy involves herself asking why Draya even came if she doesn’t want to be there.

When Draya mumbles something about Sundy being ratchet, Jackie puts Draya on blast to make sure Sundy heard. (Just because?!) Brandi is all, “What are you even doing, Jackie? She didn’t even hear her.”

An angry Sundy starts fighting dirty right out of the gate, calling Draya by her stripper name, “Miami!” Soon both ladies are yelling at one another and they start taking low blows about each other’s children.

Sundy dares Draya to come around the sofa and Draya literally steps right over it to give Sundy a shiner. SDMH.

Later, Sundy retaliates by hurling a drink in Draya’s face while she’s sitting down on the couch talking to Jackie, who hilariously shouts “Sundy, you got it in my eye!”

Oh. And speaking of eyes…