The battle that rocked Atlanta is wrapped up in the first part of episode 14 and it’s just as explosive as the last. If you thought things were over with the last episode think again. After Peter, Apollo, Kenya and Christopher Williams scrapped, Kandi, Todd, Cynthia and Peter get into it.

You see, once Kenya and Brandon split from the scene, Christopher gets on his soapbox about how Kenya was wrong to attempt to paint a picture of his relationship with his wife, Natalie, when she’s not in it. Smelling the rank stench of hypocrisy, Kandi chirped that Natalie intrusively butted in and spread nasty gossip about her fiance, Todd.


From there, Cynthia was dragged into it and before you know it, Kandi showed the RHOA girls her hood side and it got very ugly, very quickly. After enduring a second battle, everyone had enough and called it a night.

Reflecting on her behavior, Kandi calls the girls to a spa for rest, relaxation and reflection. Can these women work things out and get right with each other?