On the fourth episode of “Bad Girls Club: All-Star Battle” Season 2, one girl’s injury intensifies, leaving her as potentially easy prey for opportunistic competitors. Also: The most physically demanding challenge results in two bad girls departing the game in an ambulance.

Via Oxygen.com:

The girls ate themselves sick, tugged on weaves all the way to the hospital…and another decoy went down during eliminations on Episode 4! When will these girls learn: there’s no such thing as a decoy!

“Bad Girls: All-Star Battle” Season 2 pits 16 of the most memorable girls in “Bad Girls” history under one roof to compete in a series of over-the-top physical and brain-teasing challenges for a chance to win $100,000 and the title of “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”

Returning with musician, actor and heartthrob Ray J (@RayJ) as host, the competition ups the ante for the sophomore season with more girls and outrageous challenges including a twerking match, a stiletto standoff, mud wrestling, and a daring eating contest with fish eyes and cockroaches.

“Oxygen amped up the challenges to a whole new level,” says Host Ray J. “Emotions ran high and the Bad Girls went hard. It was a much bigger game, but they always kept their eyes on the prize. If you thought it was crazy in season one, wait until you see this season.”