In the second episode of “SWV Reunited,” the girls receive some very good news about Coko’s recent biopsy: SHE’S CANCER FREE!

So to celebrate the non-cancerous news, Coko and Lelee decide to treat themselves to some plastic surgery, but because the trio is dealing with “trust issues” (as Coko put it), the two of them don’t let Taj know about the “celebration.”

So when Coko and Lelee show up to rehearsals with less than two weeks before their big, important New York gig barely able to walk (due to their respective surgeries), Taj is PISSED!

“If we come back to New York with Coko and Lelee looking like they just got out of a nursing home, we’re gonna get booed out of the city,” Taj remarks in her personal confessional.

Will the ladies be able to get it together in time for their first big show in YEARS?