Ludacris’ Baby Mama Tamika Fuller Says He Hasn’t Seen His Daughter Yet

Ludacris’ Baby Mama Tamika Fuller Says He Hasn’t Seen His Daughter Yet

Ludacris‘ baby mama Tamika Fuller isn’t happy that the DTP rapper still hasn’t seen his newly born daughter.

As you may have heard (in case you didn’t, the details are here), Luda “pulled a Dwyane Wade” and had a love child with another woman while on a purported “break” from his girlfriend (Eudoxie, in Luda’s case, Gabrielle Union in Dwyane’s).

Ludacris & Dwyane Wade Get to Keep Their Girlfriends, Even Though They Had Babies With Other Women

Luda’s newborn daughter Cai Bella Bridges was born a month ago today (Dec. 9 2013) and according to Tamika, the rapper/actor has yet to meet her in person.

In a series of tweets, Fuller also denied filing child support papers on Luda and extorting him for money and a car, as we reported on earlier today.

Fuller also denies rumor of her being a former stripper and asks that all the negativity and bad press towards her and Luda stop so they can focus on raising their child together.

Check out all of her tweets below:

We know Eudoxie somewhere rolling her eyes like b*tch please!


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