As the girls spend yet another lovely day in the sunny, Southern town of Savannah, Ga., tensions flare when discussions turn toward the topic of parenting. It’s no secret that Cynthia’s style differs sharply from NeNe’s. In a previous episode, NeNe made it clear that she disagreed with Cynthia’s acceptance of Noelle’s boyfriend, Arthur.

During breakfast, NeNe again voices her disagreement with Cynthia’s “I’m your friend, girl” approach to motherhood, but for some reason, Cynthia takes NeNe’s opinion to heart and breaks down in tears.

Who knew we’d ever see the day when Cynthia and NeNe would disagree? Since Cynthia joined the show she’s been glued to NeNe at the hip and this row is the first time we’ve ever seen the two ladies butt heads on camera.

After a tear-filled breakfast, the ladies decide to head out to a gay club to enjoy a good old-fashioned drag show. As expected, cavorting with flamboyant gay men lightens the mood and gets all of the ladies smiling and giddy.

Even if this trip to Savannah didn’t start out well, it certainly came to a lovely close.