Watch “American Horror Story: Coven” (Season 3) Episode 8

After what seems like forever, “American Horror Story: Coven” is back following a week-long hiatus!

In episode eight, it’s survival of the fittest, as Cordelia rallies the girls in the fight to take down Fiona in favor of the rise of the new Supreme, who still has yet to reveal herself.

But will their plan work, or will the spirit of Spalding come out of nowhere and foil their well thought out scheme? Yes, he will. That damn Spalding!

Elswhere, a dangerous new enemy puts Misty in the cross-hairs and she seeks refuge in the coven with her fellow witches, who welcome her with open arms.

Later, Fiona reappears, and you would think that she’d be pissed at Delia for trying to kill her (her own mother at that) but Fiona is actually quite impressed with her daughter’s tenacity, and she admired how the entire Coven came together to take on a nemesis, even if she was the nemesis in question.

Delia joked that if she knew that would get Fiona’s attention, she would have tried to kill her years ago. Such a strange mother-daughter relationship these women have, no?

Also, Queenie causes Marie Laveau to question her loyalty after she is caught slipping Delphine one of those nasty Jack in the Box cheeseburgers, or “feeding the animals,” as Marie put it.

From there, Delphine and Marie get into a nasty exchange of words, with Delphine quickly resorting back to her old, racist ways.

Delphine is ready to go back in box, not wanting to be a part of a country with a “darkie” in the White House. And she promised that when she is re-exhumed (again) a couple of hundred years later, “the natural order would be restored.”

So with that bit of information, Marie shows her who’s boss by chopping her hand off, and later, her head too, boxing the latter up and sending it straight to Fiona and her coven of witches. “Help!” rasps Delphine after when Fiona opens the box.