Watch “Real Husbands of Hollywood” Season 2 Episode 3

On this week’s episode “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” Kevin is determined to get over his obsession with Selita Ebanks, so he comes up with a scheme to find a new woman: a fake casting call for a fake movie.

“Basketball Wives L.A.” star Draya Michele shows up to audition for the part, and when Kevin presses her to do better in the kissing part of the audition, she replies, “Do you want me to kiss you like I kiss a man or a woman?” to which Kevin almost loses his damn mind.

Elsewhere, Boris’ acting career is falling apart, so now he has to do stage plays to keep the checks coming in, though he’s a bit reluctant to take on the job because he wants to protect his image by only doing movies.

But thankfully he has people like Kelly Price and Kelly Rowland, the latter of which is set to be his co-star in the musical, to convince him that doing a play isn’t the worst thing. After all, a check is a check, right?

Also, after having sex with Kevin to snag the “starring role” in his new “film,” Bridgette (Kevin’s ex-wife) walks in on Kevin telling the other guys that her audition was horrible and the only reason he did the casting call was to get women.

Of course Bridgette doesn’t take that news too well and she goes outside and turns Kevin’s convertible into a ball of fire, Angela Bassett on “Waiting To Exhale”-style.