Watch “Basketball Wives” Season 5 Episode 7

Last week on “Basketball Wives,” Tasha Marbury made a damn fool of herself at her weave bar opening (see: misspelled website address on the awning, “Big Diva,” Tasha not knowing any thing about weave, or owning a “successful” business for that matter, etc.).

But she made an even bigger fool of herself by arriving at her own birthday party two hours late, only to find out that her “friends” had already left because that shit was dead they all had early flights to catch the next morning

In this week’s episode, Tasha rounds all the women up to confront them about how upset she was about them not being at her birthday party, and she makes it seem like they missed the second coming of Jesus or something. Shaunie, however, points out that they did, indeed, show up to her party; they just left early.

Then Tasha goes on and on about how “tacky” and “tired” it was, and proper birthday etiquette states that you NEVER leave someone’s birthday, no matter how late they are. Even if they are “12 hours late,” she notes. “Who comes to a birthday party and leaves? Who does that?” Tasha asks.

Uhm … people who don’t like waiting all night for someone to show up to their own party, that’s who, Tasha.

But perhaps the BEST part of this whole exchange is when Tasha turns to Tami (who, if you’ll remember, didn’t come to the party because of the ‘asbestos poisoning’ she got from the weave shop), and asks her, “So, where’s my birthday gift?” You’ll just have to watch the episode to see Tami’s reaction to that, because it can’t be explained, only experienced.

Plus, later, Suzie has a one-on-one with Tasha (after taking some advice from Tami on how to be a bit more confrontational) and things go left real quick, with “f*ck you’s” being thrown all over the place and Tasha kicks Suzie out of her hotel room.

But before Suzie can even make it down the hall, Tasha comes out and confronts Suzi again and they both wave their hands all in each other’s faces. Then Tasha tries to go back to her hotel room, but as she’s walking away, Suzie chasse her down the hall and knocks her hat off, probably because “Little Tami” told her to.

“Put your hands on me again and it’s going to be a major problem,” Tasha warns her. Suzie better watch her back now!





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