Miley Cyrus Gets Butt Naked for “Wrecking Ball” Video

Pity Billy Ray Cyrus. It’s clear that his daughter, Miley Cyrus, is hellbent on putting her old man into an early grave.

How else to explain her scandalously provocative dry humping at the 2013 VMAs and now this sexually charged video in which Miley bares all while straddling a wrecking ball?

Newsflash, Miley: Taking off your clothes and showing off your lady lumps isn’t the only way to move past your Disney career.

Shot by renowned photographer Terry Ricardson, Miley does her best to channel Rihanna and Lady Gaga as she tries to put on an emotional performance for her heartbreak anthem “Wrecking Ball.”

The symbolism of Miley crashing the walls in her life with a sledgehammer and wrecking ball are obvious metaphors for her independence and freedom.

And you have to hand it to her, her naked body looks a lot more flattering and appealing here than it did stuffed in that Band Aid-colored latex number she shrink wrapped on her body before bumping and grinding with Robin Thicke at the MTV awards.

But while she looks stunning, there’s something empty about Miley’s performance. She’s pantomiming a pained experience but you can tell by her facial expressions that she hasn’t really lived it.

Oh well, this is Hollywood. Just fake it till you make it, Miley.