Even if you weren’t watching last night’s “True Blood” season six finale, chances are you’ve heard it included full-frontal male nudity.

In case you’ve been in a coma until today, Alexander Skarsgard — who plays 1,000 year old Swedish vampire Eric Northman (aka the best character on “True Blood”) — showed his dong midway through last night’s episode.

It all started when Eric fed on a faerie vampire hybrid named Warlow and thus gained the ability to enjoy the sun. He celebrates by lounging atop a snowy Scandinavian mountain and kicking back with a good book. Oh yeah, and he does this without a stitch of clothing. Sadly, that doesn’t work out too well for him but it worked out great for us … because we got to see his penis!

We must remember that in Skarsgard’s native land, nudity is no big deal. By contrast, American audiences tend to freak out over it, especially when it involves male nudity (see: every article ever written about Michael Fassbender).

So naturally, the 36-year-old actor’s penis is currently one of the most talked about topics on the web. For instance, Esquire has rounded up a variety of female opinions on the matter.

As the site notes, Twitter users were divided over whether or not Eric’s peen was a big deal or no big deal at all. Some called it “small” and “teeny,” while others were much more complimentary calling the moment a “step forward for humanity” and saying they would have rather “watched 50 min. of Alex Skarsgard’s hot Swedish wang.”

If we’re going to look at the bigger (get it?) picture here, the scene gives us yet another reason to label “True Blood” a groundbreaking series. Not only has it (for the most part) adopted colorblind casting, it’s also put forth kick-ass female characters, who (gasp!) enjoy sex.

Furthermore, it has objectified men in the same way that woman have been objectified since the dawn of time. After all, the only reason Alcide “the big bad werewolf” is still on the show is to serve as a shirtless decoration. I turned the sound down pretty much every time his character appeared this season. It’s better that way.

Funnily enough, College Humor recently released a hilarious video that features women demanding “HBO Show Dongs.” As Jezebel points out, there’s no shortage of female nudity in most of the shows that the network airs.

As for Eric’s fate, the camera cut away before it was clear whether or not he lived or died. But we doubt he’s gone for good, since Pam was just on her way to find him before the incident. Hopefully, he and his now infamous penis will live to fight another day.