Beyoncé Tells Fan to “Put That Damn Camera Down!”

Beyoncé Tells Fan to “Put That Damn Camera Down!”

Beyoncé offered a polite, albeit firm, message to you attendants of “The Mrs. Carter Tour” who focus more on your iPhone 5’s than the woman you paid hundreds of dollars to see in person: Enjoy the moment and put the damn camera down.

The Queen Bey was literally in the face of one tour attendant in Atlanta Friday night, but he was too busy filming Beyoncé than to bask in the presence of greatness. Thankfully, Beyoncé showed him the way.

She told the fan, “You can’t even sing cause you too busy taping. I’m right in your face baby. You gotta seize this moment! Put that damn camera down.”

Check the clip below:

I assume the person who filmed this wasn’t as close, so let them make it.

[H/T: Necole Bitchie]

  • briunna

    YOU GO BEYONCE!!!!!!


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