Evelyn Lozada On Getting Re-Baptized: “I Want To Start Over…”

I find Evelyn Lozada to be one of the meanest, most disrespectful people I’ve ever seen on television. So while I probably wouldn’t waste spit on her if she were on fire, I know she’s popular among many.

That leads me to her latest cover story with Latina magazine in which she professes to be hard at work with changing her life. Yeah, a month ago I saw her continue to berate Royce Reed as a non-factor so I’ll believe it when I see, hear, and read it.

Anyway, here’s what Jennifer Lopez without the talent had to say:

On her feelings after the violent abuse of her ex-husband during an argument:

“At that point, I knew my life would never be the same. I knew the world was going to laugh at me and be mean and nasty and blame me for everything. But I had no choice. I had to go to the hospital.”

On why she plans to start a foundation dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence called Pain Is Not Love:

“I get e-mails every single day from women who are still with their abusive partner and they’re like, ‘I need help.’”

On trying to reform her life with the help of life coach Tony Gaskins, Jr. and being re-baptized:

“Tony was talking to me about soul ties, and I felt like I needed to cut that cord [with Johnson]. I wanted to do things differently, to start over. I’m still going to be Evelyn, but I have a different vision of my life.”

[H/T: YBF]

  • Delight

    Idk why this woman is still in the press, she has no talent, has serious mental problems, she is violent, very very stupid, compulsive liar…. Everything a woman should NOT be, for her to use domestic violence to try to get attention is in itself ABUSE. She ran across a table with no shoe to try beat up on a beautiful black queen , … Tried to disfigure another woman’s face with a wine bottle…. She called Royce who is close in age to her own daughter, a NMF factor… Hey Eve would u like someone to call your daughter that you abusive ole ho!!!!!!!!!

  • SoSerious

    This woman is just nasty. She must be the stupidest ho in existence…. The only ppl stupider are those that mess with her. All of a sudden she’s Latina? She is also one of the most abusive bitches on film, how many women she have to abuse before people wise up. Ochocinco is HER VICTIM… Don’t get it twisted.

  • 2 gorjus

    Thank you EV for your strength and courage for the rest of women who are afraid to bear their soul to the world. You are living your TRUTH!
    May God Bless You everywhere you feet threads.

    Love your story!

  • Sunshine

    Shaunie needs to stop pimping out this sorry stable of worn out, feeble minded ho’s. really Shaunie? That’s the best thing you can do with your time? Eve is obviously mentally ill and needs to get help. She has destroyed enough people and eaten enough ASS. That’s probably what has her going crazy in the first place.