Watch “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 2 Episode 11

Somewhere along the line, the relationships on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” went bizarro. First, Joseline wants to marry Steeebie and now Kirk is BFFs with Benzino? What’s going on here?

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The producers of LHHA needed to stick Benzino with a new ride-or-die homie after Stevie went and chose Joseline over his no-neck self, so they decided to pair him up with Kirk, Rasheeda’s husband.

In an effort to get Kirk’s mind off of his deteriorating relationship with his wife, Benzino proposes they go away to a log cabin and just fish and talk about their feelings. It sounds like some Brokeback Mountain-type of shit. This bromance is starting to get weird.

But what the getaway really ends up being is sex party with hoes, tricks, strip poker and…Bambi from “Basketball Wives LA”. These reality TV tricks chase whatever scraps they can get.

Besides Kirk’s mid-life crisis, Mimi and K. Michelle officially patch things up and Erica Dixon and Momma Dee prepare for Scrappy’s last few hours of freedom before he heads to jail for his probation violation.

Watch “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” Season 2 Episode 11 Below:


  • Henry

    Since he wanted a paternity test, he needs to take a Y chromosome test for incest. As a forensic professional, I find it funny that there are heavy judicial proceedings for lil scrappy who is accused of abusing himself, but a known pedophile goes without investigation. So, scrappy cannot abuse himself; however, Kirk Frost CAN abuse his own daughter and 16yr old Rasheeda back in the day. Wake up my people!! BOYCOTT THIS DAMNED SHOW UNTIL THIS PEDOPHILE IS BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!! How long will we look the other way?!? The family is too hood to do the right thing. The producers have no integrity. Again, as a forensic mental health professional, I perceive K Michelle as having anxiety issues over the “wrong” taking place. So producers paint her as “crazy”. But she has not been wrong so far. I personally have ceased watching the show. BOYCOTT THIS MESS. We cannot overlook EVERYTHING!!

    • HenryHush

      stfu and just watch the damn show its entertainment jeeeez

  • Henry

    Well, I can interpret that you’re irritated at my extensive post. It also appears that you appreciate the drama (as much as I did), however you refuse to allow a pedophiles’ criminal activity to interfere with either your desire to be entertained or you happen to be part of production/cast/blog editor. Either way, I will reiterate that the show needs to be boycotted.