Call Aunt Janet, Paris Jackson Has Been Losing it Since Last Year

Call Aunt Janet, Paris Jackson Has Been Losing it Since Last Year

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The build up to Paris Jackson‘s alleged suicide attempt has reportedly lasted for a year. School officials have opened their mouths to the press, saying that Paris has been dealing with “major family trauma” when she started school year last September.

One can easily assume most of that has to do with Grandma Katherine Jackson disappearing last July, which in turn prompted a legal battle over whether or not she could retain custody of Paris and her two brothers, Prince Michael Jackson I and II.

More from TMZ:

Sources connected with Buckley School tell TMZ … when Paris came back to school in September, her grades started dropping and, as one source said, “she stopped caring.”

A school official told one of our sources … what really sent Paris over the edge was when she got an offer to do a movie but certain family members went on an all-out campaign to block it. The source says a school official said, at that point “Paris broke down.”

There have been reports Paris was bullied at Buckley and that’s what caused her downward spiral. We’re told a top school official is adamant … Paris was NOT bullied and she made the claims to get attention.

If she’s losing her mind over not being able to be a child actor, it’s time for someone to grab her a grip. I suggest Aunt Janet Jackson, who looks like she doesn’t accept the bull. Now, obviously the girl has some other issues going on. I mean, her dad was essentially killed by a bad doctor who enabled his drug addiction.

Janet, come through in the clutch and save this poor child.

  • TruthBeTold

    Paris doesn’t need to act and should not be on social media, Janet Jackson seemingly tried to give her the guidance she needs but from what I could tell of the altercation from last summer Paris feels she needs no instruction. I think Janet should not try to come to the rescue of this child, its best her guardians do the saving. I really think Paris is just ill behaved and everyone should just hope she grows out of it.


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