Watching Mariah Carey and Her Busted Whistle Notes Is the Most Excruciating 20 Seconds of TV Ever


The Bible says that Jesus saves, but I’m not sure that even he could do much for Mariah Carey’s burnt out vocal cords at this point.

In a rather loopy appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America, Mariah Carey just couldn’t seem to get anything right. First her dress popped and then she made goofy comments like, “I wake up at this hour. I don’t mean I wake up, I mean I go to sleep. It’s kinda the same thing for me.”

What in the what? Did Glitter-era Mariah’s spirit repossess her body? Cause this is reminding me of that bizarre time in 2001 when she crashed TRL’s set and made Carson Daly feel really awkward.

You know what, at this point, we’ve all pretty much come to accept Mariah’s quirks so no biggie.

What we haven’t accepted, however, is that Mariah can no longer pull off her signature whistle note. It’s been a staple of the Mariah Vocal Weaponery since “Vision of Love” and it sounded like it was in fine form in her latest single “Beautiful,” since she closed out the song on a glorious layered bed of those whistle notes.

But the studio is different from a live performance, and when she Mariah attempted to pull off those ad-libs, her throat struggled to pull off anything approaching a musical note. Instead, all we got were gasps of air as she strained and tried her hardest to reach the upper limits of her register.

The East Coast got to see the unfiltered mess in real time but they cleaned up her botched vocals for the West Coast.


Seriously, I haven’t seen a live TV performance this bad since Cassie wrecked shop on our ears with that “Me & U” performance on 106 & Park a few years back.

Do better, Mariah. Do better.

  • Bannnac

    I hardly think its fair to say her vocal chords are shot when the ONLY part of her voice that was off was the whistle. Sure its a staple for Mariah but that’s like saying every other singer who can’t whistle has shot vocal chords… Besides only 5 minutes earlier she performed one of the best versions of We Belong Together live, ever. Her belts were totally on point, yet when her whistle is fully functioning and her belts are raspier and weaker ppl like to point fingers and accuse her of having lost her voice and “relying on her whistle”. Which one is it guys?