Watch “Bad Girls Club: Atlanta” (Season 10) Reunion Part 3

In the conclusion of the three-part “Bad Girls Club: Atlanta (Season 10) Reunion,”, the ladies face off against Alicia about her fiery exit from the house, and Nicky takes her frustrations out on an unlikely target.



PREVIOUSLY: “Bad Girls Club: Atlanta” (Season 10) Reunion Part 2

  • Monikca

    I looked all over for a clear version of this episode. Thanks for sharing.

    • Monikca


  • afrobabe

    MSCHIFLY wheres your voice?? shes quiet at the reunion. Its like a new person..

  • afrobabe

    janae is FUCKIN SEXY APART FROM ROCKY shes the 2nd sexiest b!tch in the house.

  • bitch y u mad

    in my opinion, which is true i think shannon is a pussy ass bitch .y? cz she waits for opportunities to hit bitches ………….she act like she ws gon sit ran to valentina nd started to beat her i mean like who does tht……..2 is tht she waited for nancy to come to her nd pull nancy hands….nd nancy still did tht doe…….so she ws da weakest bitch in da club nd da baddest were 1st nancy,paula,valentina,nikki,jenn,nd rocky thts it after tht alicia wsnt really doing shit even doe steph wsnt doing nun she still ws a bad bitch nd da shanrock hoe huhhhhg she ws a weak bitch…………………btwn if any hoe gt pressure with my comment hollllllaa@ me

  • disqus_2xOpjlnTpX

    valentina looks like a horse…why does her weave start so far back.

  • sleazy e

    Jenifer looks good as hell

  • Azarius Summerson

    What the fuck was Nikki there for,.? Like really,.? Bitch move,. Disappear,. Just dumb as fuck,, Was I the only one waiting for Tanisha to put her in her place,.? How the hell she try to fight, but miss each and every punch,.? Like who made you the top bitch,.? Sit the hell down somewhere,.