Kevin Spacey Yells “PHOTOBOMB!” Then Jogs Right Into Woman’s Picture

Kevin Spacey Yells “PHOTOBOMB!” Then Jogs Right Into Woman’s Picture

Kevin Spacey was out jogging in Boston on Monday morning when he came across a woman who was having her picture taken. And since he’s a famous actor and all, Spacey decided to practice the art of “photobombing” — which is when you take it upon yourself to hop into someone’s picture right as the shutter goes off, preserving your unwanted presence in their personal photo for a lifetime.

It works even better when you don’t even know the person (or persons) you’re photobombing! Like in Kevin Spacey’s case, for instance. Hilarious!

“Apparently he jogged up, shouted ‘PHOTOBOMB!’ and then ran off laughing,” a friend of the photobombed woman wrote in a comment on Reddit, where the image was originally posted.

Several Redditors have commented on how risky it was for Spacey to shout the word “bomb” in Boston while running (on a Monday, of all days), which when you think about it, sounds really really bad … but since K-Space is a celeb, he’s above suspicion.

That being said, we wouldn’t recommend any of you regular people trying anything like that anytime soon. At least not in Boston.

[H/T: Gawker via Reddit]


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