Ciara Makes Me Miss Janet Jackson

I love Ciara‘s “Body Party.” So much so that I made a $1.29 donation to her “Keep Me Relevant” fund on iTunes. I want this girl to win even if she continues to express her own reservations with such an outcome. I don’t love the “Body Party” video, though, or at least, not as much as others seem to.

For one, she’s not dancing enough. Not to mention, I’ve seen this sex kitten bit from her. Don’t get me wrong. God bless the sex kittens, but at what point do you get the ones who offer the same purr the exact same way every single time spayed?

That aside, anyone working to bring back the butterfly has my full support on such endeavor. Beyoncé did her part by including it as an old school dance in the “Get Me Bodied” video, but I’ve got to give it CiCi just doing it because it felt right. You better believe the first thing I did when I was able to crawl out of bed from illness late last week was to do the butterfly.

So yes, gon’ Ciara, and might I add, I also enjoy the reference to Janet’s video for “That’s The Way Love Goes.” At the same time, I think that’s why I don’t completely love this video and why I can’t completely commit myself to the band of misfits known as the C-Squad. Well, I think that’s what they’re called. Whatever, you get it.

How many Janet Jackson videos is Ciara going to recreate exactly? Okay, so it wasn’t a direct rip like those other two drawn from Damita Jo’s “You Want This” visual, but once I found out Ciara’s album change, I began to frown.

The fact that Ciara has switched her album title from One Woman Army to simply Ciara and the motivation behind it is not lost on me, he who has been a long time attendant of the Church of Janet Jackson and Butterflying Saints. Like the janet. album, Ciara marks Ciara’s fifth studio offering. Coincidentally, it’s the 20th anniversary of the janet. album.

All that plus the single cover for “Body Party” mimicking Janet’s single covers for “You Want This” and “All For You.” I’m not sure Janet Jackson knows what a Ciara is, and even if she did, she’s too busy swimming in her husband’s money fault as armed guards block brother Jermaine access into hers. Still, I’m irked for her.

Meanwhile, earlier someone asked me, “Do we believe this relationship?” referring to her and Future.

My response was, “I believe part of Ciara’s attraction is the idea that it’ll boost her celebrity.” That’s not to say her feelings aren’t more genuine than that horrible valley girl tone she now speaks in, but I do think Ciara and Future want us to know they’re a thing. You can tell because they keep force-feeding it to the press blogs.

I wish someone would tell her that being a Kardashian is not a ticket to the musical promised land.

But because I’m such a good and modest person, I’m hoping Ciara’s fifth album is good and she can at least get her a gold plaque out of the deal. No matter what happens, however, I find Ciara creatively lazy. She is not an artist. She just wants to be famous. That’s fine, but riding Janet Jackson’s jock alone won’t get you there.

The other day another friend was lamenting how Ciara continues to let her potential to evolve as a dancer and performer go by the wayside. I used to share those frustrations, which is why my criticism of her could be a wee bit on the harsh side. Okay, my ass was mean as hell. I’m over it, though.

Just gimme an album I can twirk, too, Ciara. I don’t trust you on much else — including Janet level performances and videos. Hell, not even Mya terms of artistry (refer to the Moodring album). If you want to see an act take choreography seriously, go look up the “Grown Woman” performance. Or hell, the OMG Girlz…and the gays, of course.

You won’t ever be Janet, Ciara, but maybe you can become the music star La Toya never was. But, I do hope some other young woman steps up and gives us the kind of music Janet did years ago. Something socially conscious, self-affirming, and sexual. Ugh, dammit, I miss you so much, Janet. You can’t take off that burka for a few minutes and give me one more album (a good one).

By the way, I want Ciara to stop acting as if she’s consumed with “positivity” when it comes to Rihanna — so much so that she won’t be bothered with their rift. Girl, look above. You started that. Don’t be cunty if you don’t want to deal with the consequences.

  • This is perfect. I find absolutely nothing wrong with these assertions.

  • Harley

    Who ever wrote this is a Ciara hater all the way she did not say anything bad about trashanna aka Rihanna Rihanna started it and Janet Jsckson lol child please she is better ciara will be a icon watch and see wat I tell you

    • rcamerous

      Ciara will be better?…hahaha…10 years in the game and what does she have to show?…You may wanna pick up a history book and check out Janet’s achievements, cause they are something serious

    • Watch and see???? It’s been 10 years…how much longer must we watch paint dry??!!

    • OND

      Don’t do that. Don’t compare Ciara’s skills to Janet’s it is not fair to put Ciara in a never ending losing position. What we can do is support a Sister trying against all odds to carve out her own image. Remember, Britney, Beyonce, Christina, Ciara and Kelly ALL live in the house Janet built single handedly. Thank you.

  • JRoc85

    This is truly a “Hate on Ciara” article!!!!!!!! I have to give the Ciara credit, she did her thing in the “Body Part” video & “Sorry” was good as well!

  • SANT


  • who wrote this article and so what Janet is Ciara’s idol just like Madonna is lady gaga’s idol and look were she at now so stop trying to make Ciara disappear

    • therealnumber1

      You are so right…Gaga has straight Jacked Madonna’s style but everyone is ok with that!!

  • back again and one more thing have you ever seen Janet crunk it won’t look right think about it before you judge

    • YeaAND

      Janet at Ciara’s age would have murdered a crank routine….You trippin

    • OND

      Don’t do that. Don’t compare Ciara’s skills to Janet’s it is not fair to put Ciara in a never ending losing position. What we can do is support a Sister trying against all odds to carve out her own image despite the shadow Janet has cast over all the posers. Remember, Britney, Beyonce, Christina, Ciara and Kelly ALL live in the house Janet built single handedly. Thank you.

  • Nathaniel Wade

    I love Janet… Lord knows I do! But Ciara isn’t copying her. She’s influenced by her and her brother. This guy is just suffering from 90’s/ early 2000’s nostalgia. (He’s probably an older man)
    Just go build a Janet shrine and worship her in private bruh.

    • YeaAND

      If he IS an older man shouldn’t you at least respect that he has been around long enough to know a copycat when he sees one? I dont know what you mean by “older” but I grew up watching Michael, Janet and Aaliyah just like Ciara did and because of them I learned how to dance. Ciara’s career is OBVIOUSLY influenced by them but she has nothing special to call her own. I know there are 100 million chicks who sing like her or better including myself so I totally agree with the author (even regarding the valley girl voice). She is trying to relive Janet’s career and play it safe by giving yall the same tired act over and over. The career choices may not even be her call at the end of the day but its true…I am from Atlanta and I danced on the same squad as Ciara ( a year after her) while in high school and she stole her signature dance style from the squad we danced with called the Atlanta Bomb Squad (est 1996)… I can crank and so can 1000 other people in my city who are all in their late 20s, 30s and 40s now. So she is nothing special in my book. Yes she can dance and yes she is pretty but that’s not enough to be taken seriously as a certified artist who creates original masterpieces that withstand the test of time… After almost 10 years in the industry she should have a lot more to show for it but she doesn’t because the industry rewards drive, creativity, resourcefulness and raw talent. Only people without talent worship a Ciara…Sorry, she’s just a pretty face. BTW she isnt the first or the last average chick who was lucky enough to get a contract if that makes you feel better…

    • Nathaniel Wade

      Okay… “Only people without talent worship Ciara” – Let’s start there.

      1. I LOVE Ciara. (And also am from the A)

      2. My talent is undeniable. It pays my bills and could pay yours too. I am a full time working (triple threat) artist with the degree and credits to back it up from 2 of the most prestigious institutions on this planet.

      3. I’ve shot more national commercials than I can remember and modeled for even more. As well as guest stared on Network TV shows…working my way to the front of the line. (you don’t wanna compare resumes with me, my friend…I’ve been doing this since I was a kid)
      (As a matter of fact I JUST got home from a 15 hour shoot for a national ESPN promo)

      So what did you do today, “Mr. Talent”

      Speaking of “talent” I”m willing to bet I have more in my pinky finger than you had in ’96 or whenever. My agents/ manager/bank account reflect that.

      You are entitled to your opinion. But in my opinion you are wrong. (Just the same as this gentleman/ author.) He stated his opinion/ disdain towards Ciara and I stated mine towards his piece; Simple as that.
      P.S I LOVE Janet…She’s everything to me. I know her career inside and out, up and down, left and right. And I simply disagree with both you and him (much like EVERYONE else that has commented)

      AnY Questions?

    • YeaAND

      *Sigh… Yea, I said Ciara fans have no talent out of spite but you ignored other points that were made about her career and made it about you, I guess that means you worship her. Tsk Tsk. Let’s get some shit straight, first of all, I am female. Secondly, I am the same age as Ciara. Third, you can bet all you want that you have more talent than me if it makes you feel relevant but you neglected to list the credits that I can actually refer to. I Googled your name and all I got was obscurity. Not a lot of content eluding to a talented person by that name. Seems that after a lifetime of work a blank Casting Notes page is really the only credit you have… However, its a possibility that individually we have more talent than your boo Ciara who instead of updating that choreography or planning a project to revive her career was seen throwing dollar bills at the next hoe in Miami at KOD…Isn’t that Rih Rih’s spot?

      Face it Ci Ci is an underachiever in comparison to others after and before her…All that potential and she does the butterfly and rolls around on the ground in her underwear.. A child can do that shit. You asked if I had any questions, so riddle me this, where is the originality? Where is the creativity? She’s always rocking an A hat but she talks like Becky. She’s a follower just like EVERYONE else who has commented, get over it. Only the strongest individuals have the balls to counter the majority, put down the script and pick up a history book, kid…

      To conclude, what I did today was help a lot of people solve problems…You are just a vain wannabe who seeks to help himself. Ironically though, I admire your passion and spunk but I have no clue who you are. Send me a link to your portfolio, Youtube or website cause I’m sooooo bored with Ciara…I’ll wait.

      P.S In the meantime, what’s your address so I can forward these bills to you…

    • R&B

      Haha…. I just finished reading this! You won me over with that P.S. (I know thats right) All good/ No bad blood over here…. This is entertainment and I was entertained. Good show, you definitely hold your own….I like dat! (And whats wrong wit talking like “Becky” everybody from the A ain’t that hood! ;-)

    • YeaAND

      Didnt think so…

    • R&B

      1. You did say it out of spite and I, stupidly, took offense from a strangers comment (shame on me…was a long week) 2. I did not know you were a female… my bad. 3. This was fun a few days ago but, my lady, the feeling is gone. I’m not vain, I was just tired from my week and you said something about talent…I was like “Hold Up”! Googling me prob won’t do much… for I am no where near famous. (I don’t even know what casting notes is?) But I am a working artist and I’m proud of that. 3.) I am no kid and scripts are great but sociology and history are topics I can speak on ALL day at the same damn time….books are my best friends! (The human experience is very interesting to me) That’s dope that you helped a lot of folks- (I think we all could be a little kinder to one another and if that is your job then I sincerely applaud you) 4. My pops always taught me that a gentleman always knows when to leave….that said, Have a wonderful day today helping people that need it! -Best, Nate

    • therealnumber1

      So I guess MIchael Jackson jacking his signature foot work from James Brown, and Jackie Wilson means he is a copycat too??? You sound like you really hate Ciara…you guys danced on the squad together and she does a move that comes from your squad and you are mad because…….????? Why not be happy? And people liking ciara and wanting her to do well and defending her against people who come at her doesn’t they worship her. I am sure there are some artists that you really like and enjoy, Janet, Michael, Aaliyah… but I would never say you worship them. it’s your opinion to like them, the same way Im not gonna call you a hater for not liking Ciara even though some of your comments at her seem more personal…everybody has a right to their own opinions no need for name calling…”people without talent worship ciara” come on now really…

  • Rhi’Ele

    Wow this blogger is a total hater, while you’re dogging on Cici why don’t you look at yourself and see what you’re doing isn’t promoting positivity either. Ciara is definitely an artist in her own right, even Chris Brown pays homage to Michael Jackson and he doesn’t get ridiculed for it. Please stop this hatred towards Ciara, she is a good artist and a humble human being, let her live her life and make awesome songs so the rest of us can enjoy it!! :) <3

  • I’ll give ciara one thing she has not one bad video and she is very entertaining and to me is an artist i don’t feel she tries to be like janet but a lot of people like to think so somebody’s always comparing somebody to someone else

  • tom tom

    this person got one thing right….WE WANT ANOTHER JANET ALBUM!!!! Get Janet, Jam, and Terry in a studio to create a masterpiece! One that will let all the haters HAVE IT!

  • ciara debuted on billboards hot 100’s at number 35, support support support… that’s her highest debut to date!!!!

  • Hmm

    No wonder why this website is trash. Posting hate articles. Just cause you are not a fan means you throw shade. Nice try.

  • i$upport

    Wow. Un-professionalism. Smh… I’m heading to Ciara’s website,

  • dumbassboard

    what fag wrote this.

    • YeaAND

      What fag wrote THIS? ^^^ OH yea, dumbassboard who doesn’t know how to use a question mark…The name fits you well

  • Om

    what happened to real journalist and journalism. This is a diary entry of opinions and motivated by what seems to be anger. Disappointed.

  • zaelyn michael

    i think some of the comments make a good point. esp those that mention Beyonce can seek inspiration and get priased for it, but CiCi gets the dust for it. The only difference i can see is that the level of talent makes a difference. I guess if you “copy” someone and do it better or make it your own, thats one thing. I guess thats the case with GaGa and Beyonce….that and maybe better vocal ablity?!? idk,. Ciara almost always has catchy songs, cute videos, and she is always pleasant to look at, YET nobody’s buying what she is selling. So something, somewhere is a little off.

  • Angela

    She started? Do you realize that video is from 3 years ago? Rihanna reignated a long squashed ‘beef’. Ciara didn’t even say anything mean, she just said her last encounter with Rihanna wasn’t very nice; and as we can see since than, Rih has proved her right.

  • FireFlame

    Ciara is one of THE MOST creative girls in the industry! Ciara is dope, she’s gorgeous and her videos are outstandingly precise. She just picks the wrong singles sometimes.

  • I know some of you truly love her & think she is really innovative & original, but, It is one thing to be influenced by an artist, it is another to pay homage to an artist. When every move you make, every video you film and every performance/appearance you have is a direct almost move for move recreation of someone else’s work those aforementioned words no longer apply…you’re just copying. That goes for Chris, Jason, Neo…you only know you’re watching a different one because the name shows up at the end of the video. Ciara has been doing Janet since before Janet left. It has gotten way OLD, which is way, it is not just picking bad singles. If there no good singles to choose from, what are you left to choose??!! Don’t blame the reviewer, obviously not many are buying the act either…since she not exactly blowing up the charts or the airwaves, or the cyber waves…don’t blame the messenger. Blame the producer of the same sounding, same looking material..

  • therealnumber1

    Ok um…I love Janet Jackson, and I do think Ciara has the potential to fill that void that Janet left…Ciara is great, I wouldn’t considered myself apart of the C-squad but I do dig Ciara and I want to see her win. So what she has some styles that mimicks JJ…why not mimick the greats and add your own lil swag to become great. The “oh so great Beyonce” is not a trendsetter, she jacks styles (Tina Turner), performances (that robot performance was hot her idea somone else did that before her and it was in a movie), and hell even lyrics (EVERYTHING) yet she just gets praise for it like she is some eptiome of greatness who is changing the game. NO! She is jacking someone’s elses style and throwing her own lil twist on it (and I’m being nice by saying that cause she doesn’t really throw her own twist on it, she just jacks it but to each his own)…so why can’t ciara get cut a break, hell at least Ciara admits that she would like to fill that void of Janet and Janet is a huge influence on her artistry…I mean it’s not like she isn’t doing Janet justice….the girl can move like Janet and her vocal ability is dang near equivolent. Whats wrong with this generation who is not getting to experience the greatness of Janet having a Janet of their own…Ciara