Watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 Reunion (Part 3)


The men of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” get their turn to speak in the last chapter of season 5’s reunion.

The men of RHOA have bonded and banded together like never before. And they’re standing firmly in defense of their fallen brother Walter.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion Part 3 Recap: Porsha’s Powerful Plea

But Kenya Moore doesn’t haven’t time for that so she twirls furiously when Peter confronts her about her anti-Walter campaign.

While Kenya catches some L’s, she turns the tables on Phaedra and her husband Apollo when she reveals that Apollo has been texting her on the low. Oh, snap!

Porsha gets emotional as she attempts to defend her marriage to the girls. Unfortunately, as we all know now, her tearful devotion to Kordell is in vain as he filed for divorce shortly after this reunion was taped. Well, at least she tried.



  • Drake

    Uploaded 2 min ago!
    I seem to be the very 1st to watch this!!!
    Thanks a lot!! Been searching 30 min now!!

  • lee

    Peter thomas should be ashamed of the way he was talking abusively to kenya, he has no respect for women.

    • Kenya was not a saint on the show. She did alot of things she shouldn’t have done. What woman would try and be a jump off with someone else husband while they are there? I really think the woman need to be on some sort of meds.

    • JRoc85

      Peter did talk disrespectfully towards Kenya, but we ALL know that Kenya & Walter’s non relationship was for RHOA only!!!!!!

  • JRoc85

    Kenya was wrong for flirting with a married man, BUT Apollo was DEAD WRONG for flirting since his married ass has a wife AND child at home!!!!!!! I think we can ALL agree that Walter & Kenya’s non relationship was for TV only. You have to admit, Kenya did make RHOA interesting this season!!!!!!!!!
    Porsha appeared to be an airhead on RHOA, BUT Porsha CAN DEFINITELY hold her own when she’s backed into a corner!!!! Peter was certainly correct at the reunion, if Kordell was the RIGHT type of husband, he would have been at the reunion holding his woman down!!!!!!!!!!!! Porsha will bounce back. It wouldn’t surprise me if NeNe was referring to Phaedra when she said a housewife needs to be replaced, lol!!!!!!