Watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 Episode 20 (Finale)

Watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 Episode 20 (Finale)

All’s well that ends well for the ratchet ladies of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in the show’s stunning season 5 finale.

Kenya Moore decides to throw a costume ball and in a bid to unite the ladies for a night of fun, glamour and fabulousness, she assigns each of the gals an iconic black actress and character to emulate. But Mrs. Porsha decided not to stick with her assignment as Halle Berry from “B.A.P.S.” because she was convinced that Kenya was trying to make her look like a fool. (As if that’s hard to do.)

Porsha let friends and family get in her head and even though she thoroughly enjoyed being ratchet in the “B.A.P.S.” costumes, she flipped the script and went as Halle Berry’s Dorothy Dandridge character.


Womp, womp. Porsha’s desire to appear safe, sterile and neutral is exactly why she’s one of the duller Housewives castmates.

But get into NeNe Leakes as Grace Jones in “Boomerang”, Kandi as Angela Basset in “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”, Cynthia as Diana Ross in “Mahogany” and Phaedra as Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman.



  • JRoc85

    Kordell, take your 1950’s Stepford wife mentality SOME PLACE ELSE!!!!!! Porsha, I truly hope that this “dumb girl” image was just an act because you’re on RHOA & was married to Kordell (it’s not “malice content,” it’s “malice intent,” IDIOT)!!!!! Kenya was a bit over the top about Porsha’s arrival as Dorothy Dandridge (but HELL, it’s Kenya’s party, & she can catch a case if she wants to). Besides, if BAPS was good enough for Halle, it should be NO PROBLEM for Porsha. Kenya looked okay, but a better Afro wig would have made the whole “Pam Grier as Foxy Brown” gimmick more believable. The red pant jumpsuit was good since both Pam & Kenya have banging bodies. Kandi looked a HOT MESS as Tina Turner. Tina Turner exuded sexiness & confidence in “What’s Love Got to Do With It” music video (the amazing hair, blue jean mini skirt, the legs, & black high heels). In my opinion, Kandi didn’t make a real effort in dressing as Tina. Cynthia LOOKED AMAZING as Diana Ross from Mahogany (the hat, beige drape coat, the makeup, etc… flawless). NeNe was my FAVORITE, dressed as Grace Jones from Boomerang (the whip, the chariot, the black leather outfit, the makeup, etc… was also flawless). Phaedra KILLED IT as Eartha Kitt as Catwoman (the costume exuded sexiness, confidence, & allure). Kandi, NEWS FLASH, Peter could NEVER be the incomparable Billy Dee Williams (even Peter acknowledged that himself), besides everything Billy Dee Williams would wear is REAL. It’s interesting that they summed up Porsha’s season with 1 sentence “Kordell filed for divorce.” Who knows, maybe Porsha’s better off without him.

  • Dev

    Kandi looked like Blanka from street fighter in a dress, denim jacket, tights and heels


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