Watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 Episode 19

Watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 Episode 19

After the storm comes the rainbow, and Kenya Moore is gonna do nothing but shine, shine, shine.

The beginning of episode 19 picks up where the last one left off with Kenya discovering that Walter Jackson, her ex-boyfriend, is in the building. She doesn’t take the news very well and storms off while blathering about how Walter is stalking her.

Kandi’s manager, Don Juan, is left to clean up the mess as he escorts Kenya out of the event and helps get the cars moved. By the time Kenya’s off the premises, Don Juan breathes in exasperation about Kenya being “so dramatic.” And he thought Kim Zolciak was bad.

Cynthia, who seems to be the only one interested in building a real relationship with Kenya, catches up with the former Miss USA later to find out why Walter gets under her skin so much.

While Kenya put up her walls at first, Cynthia was finally able to break through and convince Kenya that she needed to just play it cool if Walter walked in the building of any event. Miss Lawrence’s presence really helped smooth this over.

In other news, Kandi celebrates a huge milestone for her Bedroom Kandi sex toy business, NeNe continues that boring Hollywood thing and Porsha weeps about her miscarriage and her unsupportive husband.




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