Watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 Episode 18

Who needs NeNe Leakes when you’ve got Kenya Moore? This episode is all about Kenya as she keeps bumping into her unpleasant ex, Walter Jackson.

She seems to handle it OK at Peter’s mens’ health event, but when Walter popped up at Kandi’s housewarming with a new boo thang on his arm, it was just too much for Kenya to handle.

RHOA Season 5 Ep. 18 Recap: Walter Jackson is Kenya Moore’s Shadow

For those who were thirsting for a little NeNe, there is a short segment that follows her on her press tour in New York City as she makes appearances on “Regis and Michael” and the “Wendy Williams Show,” but this crap is really uninspired at this point. Yes, bitch, you’ve got a fabulous life. Now what the hell else is going on?

Also, get a good look at the renovations completed in Kandi’s big, gigantic, enormous mansion. You’ll cry yourself to sleep as you tuck yourself in bed in your studio apartment.