Kanye West has performed wearing masks made of feathers and crystals, and he’s even performed multiple times wearing a leather skirt, so it’s only natural that Yeezy pushes his fashion boundaries even further by performing in a straitjacket.

Looking like a creepy psychopath from one of those horror movies, West performed in concert in Abu Dhabi Thursday night (Jan 31) wearing a “straitjacket” (aka “straight jacket”), which he paired with an even creepier looking face mask.

Thankfully, he only wore the creepy straitjacket for a couple of songs — during “Say You Will” and “Heartless” — but still, you have to wonder how Yeezy is gonna top this one.

Take a look at the video footage below:

If this is Kanye West’s way of letting us all know he’s not crazy, he’s definitely on the right path.