Rihanna “Caught” Nude by Paparazzi While Changing Bikinis in Barbados (PHOTOS)

Everyone knows Rihanna is an exhibitionist … so it’s no surprise that she was “caught” (notice the quotes) by the paparazzi in the middle of her changing bikinis on a hotel balcony.

The “Nobodies Business” singer was in her home country Barbados during her Christmas vacation when the pics were snapped last Saturday (Dec 22), showing the singer completely nude at one point as she was changing from one bikini into the other.

When she was finished, she fired up a blunt and had quick session with Mary Jane.

It’s not clear whether or not Rihanna knew the paparazzi were there snapping away, but she seemed to be looking directly into the cameras in a few of the shots. Y’all know Rihanna don’t give no f**ks.

While the pics are pretty risque, they’re nothing new for Rihanna, who frequently posts racy photos of herself on Instagram, and has been photographed smoking weed so many times that there’s no point in keeping count anymore.

Check out the censored shots below, and click here for the uncensored NSFW ones!

[Drunken Stepfather]

  • sistaB

    Isn’t this the internet so why block out the nudity? I’ve already seen the pics w/out any blocking out.