Watch “Basketball Wives L.A.” Season 2 Reunion Special (Part 2)

With John Salley moderating, in the second and final hour of the season two reunion of “Basketball Wives L.A.,” the girls reveal who each of them would like to see booted from the show and discuss where things stand after their season finale showdown in New Orleans.

Watch part 2 of the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion below:


  • seriously

    If Bambi is appearing on another episode, I will no longer be a fan of the show. Everyone is not entertained by her “hood rat ghetto” tactics. Regardless of what hood you come from does not give her the right to act a fool. She is a true hater of Gloria and Laura simply because they have come up and they are beautiful women. Bambi looks and acts like a ridiculous fool. I was also disappointed in the audience
    applauding her behavior. Obliviously, they like this “hood rat”
    mentallity. And for Draya, she has gotten bold because she feels Bambi got her back. Otherwise, she would not have been talking so much mess…thanks Brooke for handling that. To the producers, the viewers
    love a certain level of drama. Bambi was simply on the wrong show. Please put
    her on one of those gangster hip hop shows so that we can continue to enjoy the entertainment that is suitable for all viewers of Basketball wives LA.


      YOU ARE SERIOUSLY STUPID! ” so that we can continue to enjoy the entertainment that is suitable for all viewers of Basketball wives LA.” are you joking. There was drama on this show long before Bambi showed up, the only difference now is that there is someone on the show to deal with the bully Laura. As for her sister Gloria, as one of the ladies stated,, she think she is to good for the show anyway. They both need to go.

    • seriously

      We know who is “seriouly stupid” by reading your response to another person’s point of view. Idiot, reality shows are all about drama but they are designed to attract a variety of views. Bambi is not a good fit for that particular show. She’s a gangster rapper! It’s obvious that you’re a hater too. Saying that a person is “to good” speaks on your lack of… By the way, the corret spelling is “too”.

  • lightbrownis

    Bambi is a non-muthafu*ckin factor . . . . she is so childish its ridiculous.


    i used to like malaysia until she brought trash onto the show. she is now trash by association. bambi is ratchet and needs to go. period.

  • cholly8524

    I can’t stand “gummy.” She has no relevancy on this show whatsoever. And Jackie Christie is too damn old and needs to go. I won’t be watching this anymore if Brooke, Gloria and Laura are sent packing. They others are trash.