This Little 9-Year-Old Girl Plays Football Better Than The Boys

Who run the world? Apparently little girls who play football! Say hello to little Sam Gordon, a 9-year-old girl playing quarterback for the Salt Lake City Gremlin League. (Check out that serious game face!)

In this remarkable compilation video of highlights, we can see Sam running with perfect ease through and over little boys of different sizes as well as tackling the sh*t out of them and overall kicking ass! Are you by some miracle not yet impressed? Let us bust these stats out for you…

35 Scores

232 Carries

1,911 Yards

82 Yards per Carry

65 Tackles


We also think it’s pretty cool that her name is unisex, which removes any stigmas related to gender from an unsuspecting spectator. Who knew that fast little squirrell on the field is a cute little girl?

Check out this recent interview of Sam and her Dad on “Good Morning America” below:

Boys … better get back to training!

  • Sam Gordon was not playing on a boy team. All the players were girls. Untill a boy develops testosterone he is a girl and actualy a weaker girl than most girls are. Real girls mature a good 5 years earlier than a socalled boy. In reality there is no such thing as a boy. Boys don’t really exist.They are no different than real girls. all you woman braging about how susperior you think girls are because Sam Gordon out played all the other girls on her team should realize that all the so called boys were a good two years behind her in matureity. In short there is nothing spectacula about real girls beating the weaker girls known as boys. Its a wonder it doesn’t happen more offten. But once you realize the truth of what I have just told you it should be easy to get all real girls to easily defeat all alleged boy teams. In short real girls have a big advantage over alleged boys until the girl is transformed into a real boy at about the age of 25. Until than he is a man in progress while the girls are fully matured women at around 12 years old.