Watch “Basketball Wives L.A.” Season 2 Episode 6

The ladies of “Basketball Wives L.A.” are back for season two!

Among the familiar faces who have returned for the second season of the hit VH1 reality show are Laura & Gloria Govan, Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christie. Newcomers include Brooke Bailey and Malaysia’s longtime friend Adiz “Bambi” Benson, both joining in to make this season even more spicier than the first.

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In this episode, tensions between Jackie and Draya hit an all-time high. Also, some of the other ladies consider not showing up for Jackie’s upcoming annual wedding.

Missed BBWLA Episode 6? Watch below!


  • Everyone is trying to make Jackie look like the crazy one but Laura is just as messy and a sh..t starter. Why would see fan the flames & tell Jackie to knock Draya out? I like Bambi for calling Laura out on her two face ways.
    These women have too much time on their hands to act like Junior high schoolers. Enough is enough. I turned off the t.v. half way threw. It’s nothing original or interesting anymore. Same old crapola.

    • IAJS

      Jackie, stop trolling:-/

    • mackenzie

      Yes, that comment has Jackie Christie’s name written all over it. The least she could have done was use her real name instead of Guest!!! LOL

  • Jackie’s daughter may have pulled a butcher knife; but, it’s Laura who is stabbing her in the back and I don’t like it one bit: my AUdio Review is smoking!