Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Rasheeda Joins Husband Kirk In Denying Awful Incest Rumors

There’s something unclean in the milk at Rasheeda and Kirk‘s house. That is, if the Internet rumors are to be believed.

Atlanta blog Straight From the A is reporting on a vicious rumor that Kirk Frost, husband of the 20-year-plus “aspiring” rapper Rasheeda of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fame, was allegedly engaged in an incestuous relationship with his daughter.

The source for all of this messiness is Jacky Jasper of Diary of a Hollywood Street King. He claims that a source close to Kirk reached out and spilled all of the beans on the alleged incest between Kirk and his daughter.

Here are the accusations straight from the source’s mouth:

“Anyway— it’s Kirk’s biological daughter that he was actually having unprotected sex with for years. Kirk raped his own daughter from ages 11 to 16 years-old.

Last year, she finally spoke out, but later retracted her statement once Kirk manipulated her mind into believing mommy was the ‘bad guy’ trying to send daddy to jail forever, and “how could she do this to daddy if she loved him?”. So his daughter covered it up, saying she was lying – all to save her dad from going to prison. That’s why her mom never moved forward with a case.

What father is concerned about birth control for their baby girl??? One who is fucking them, that’s who!! So far the baby that his daughter had…has been proven to be her current boyfriend’s baby because the child looks looks just like him, but I think they should still call Maury for this one.

Also, Kirk used to be jealous of his daughter having boyfriend’s –SICKKK!!—think about it….his daughter wasn’t use to using condoms with her father so why would she use 1 with her boyfriend?? You learn from your parents, RIGHT??! oh and Rasheeda and Kirk have an 11-year-old son together not a daughter, but I hope his cry baby gay azz isn’t fuckin his son too!!”

Kirk and Rasheeda both indirectly dismissed the allegations as horseshit:

The problem with these kinds of unsubstantiated rumors is that they taint the celebrity regardless of whether it’s true or not.

This is kind of similar to the domestic violence abuse that K. Michelle accuses Memphitz of.

It’s a case of he-said, she-said, but Memphitz looks bad no matter what. Even though he claims innocence, there’ll always be many who’ll find him guilty in the back of their minds.

The same goes for Kirk. He can deny this horrendous allegation, but there’s no way to truly clear his name. People just have to take him at his word.

It’s times like these that we see how unfair life can be as a celebrity.


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