Joseline Hernandez from “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” Tweets Naked Photo to Prove She’s Not A Man

Joseline Hernandez wants the world to know that she is NOT a man!

After the premiere episode of VH1’s  “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” aired this week, viewers began to question whether or not cast member Joseline is a real woman.

The vicious rumors started after the blogosphere (and Twittersphere) questioned her gender when VH1 first released pictures of the cast of the show.

The speculation grew during a screening for the show last week in Atlanta when YouTube personality Cadillac Kim straight out asked the cast of any of them were transgender.

And guess who spoke up first to “defend” herself? (Watch below)

Adding more fuel to the fire, blogger Sandra Rose posted the following “anonymous” e-mail to her site (days before the show even premiered):

Hi Sandra … I have solid proof that “Joseline Hernandez” of ‘Love Hip Hop Atlanta’ was born a man. “Joe” and I went to the same high school. Attached is a photo scan of his HS yearbook picture before the surgeries. (Please don’t publish his pic!) I was close to him in high school. Here is my contact info. Let’s talk.

Now it looks like Joseline — a former stripper from Miami — has had enough of her gender being questioned.

The 34-year-old took to to her Twitter page last night … and tweeted a NAKED PHOTO (we’re talking FULL FRONTAL NUDITY, people — showing off ALL of her lady parts) to dispel the rumors once and for all, without even realizing that she was making the situation even worse.

A number of Twitter users pointed out that just because she has a vagina and large breasts, that doesn’t make her a woman, and she could have possibly had “reconstructive surgery” to give herself a more womanly appearance.

Of course all of this “she used to be a man and she had surgery to become a woman” talk is pure speculation, as Joseline has yet to admit to it.

But we’ve gotta ask…

Do you think Joseline used to be a man?

  • miami

    Born a male now a transsexual Plain &simple

    • HavenStarr

      Yeah. I’m pretty sure Joseline was born male and had sex-reassignment surgery. Instead of posting a naked photo of herself now, I’d imagine a normal person would post childhood photos instead.

      I grew up with a friend who had sex-reassigment surgery in Mexico as soon as he turned 18 and had been living as girl since freshman year of high school. He has a pussy now too!

      However, if Joseline is a MtF transsexual, it’s her business.

  • ej

    lookat her feet and hands….its really scary how these men are having sex with these shemen and dont even know it.

  • geneva8

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  • Rhonda

    Well first of all for all you people who are uneducated on transgenderness

    1. A transgender person typically gets their birth certificate changed, social security info changed, name changed etc and everything to match the gender they identify as. Meaning her birth certificate, drivers license and all identifying information would represent her as a female. So asking for any of those as proof she’s a woman is pointless

    2. Just because she has a vagina does not mean she was not born a man. Look at all the other work she has had done. It is obvious that she could have had sex-reassignment surgery, which is when a penis is turned into a vagina.

    3. Childhood pictures aren’t necessarily proof either since more and more young adults are transitioning at earlier ages. There are some 5 and 7 year old transgender children living as the opposite sex right now, so childhood photos are also pointless.

    So what would be proof? Well aside from her posting her last gynecologist report, nothing. MtF do not have a uterus even if they can surgically get a vagina and breasts and take hormones, they still have no uterus and cannot get pregnant. Until she gets pregnant or posts her gynecological report showing she has a uterus in the report, then we’ll never know. My vote is male!

  • Mimi

    Yall are fucking ignorant , Joseline gorgeous w/o make up and u can clearly see she is a woman, and men can go to an abortion clinic and have an abortion you morons….get a life she is a woman and yall just hating, gosh, and transgenders clearly cant possibly have such a feminine body no matter the work, something about them will always be manly, and thats not the case with her….just sayn

  • Mimi

    Yall are fucking ignorant , Joseline is gorgeous w/o make up and u can
    clearly see she is a woman, and men cant go to an abortion clinic and
    have an abortion you morons….get a life she is a woman and yall just
    hating, gosh, and transgenders clearly cant possibly have such a
    feminine body no matter the work, something about them will always be
    manly, and thats not the case with her….just sayin

  • liz

    if she is a man who cares leave her alone let her live her life as she wants too don’t judge her!! if anyone has a problem with it stay away from her !!!!

  • T.Spencer

    Stevie Wonder can see dats a man and no mer how much u want to b the opposite sex human anatomy want allow it.U can put make up on a pig but it’s still a pig with makeup on. I think it’s a mental illness when transgender men really think they r a woman to the exstint of faking period cramps and faking pregnancies, get real you are what u r.I hav no problem with men to women or vise versa tranformation, everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin,but don’t forget who u really r cuz once u do, that’s when u start lying to urself.Lol, Joseline had an abortion, stop it!


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