Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Spotted Vacationing in St. Barts [PHOTOS]

Beyonce and Jay-Z are currently celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary on the island of St. Barts, and the power couple were spotted getting some much needed rest and relaxation on the beach Monday afternoon (Apr 9).

Beyonce flaunted her unbelievable post-baby body in a black swimsuit while a shirtless Jay-Z showed off his beach bod in a pair of black swim trunks.

Bey and Jay were also spotted on Easter Sunday (Apr 8) with their newborn daughter Blue Ivy — heavily bundled and hidden in mom’s arms, as usual — as the happy family boarded an ocean cruise ship just off the shores of St. Barts.

The couple reportedly renewed their wedding vows last Wednesday (Apr 4) at midnight on the night of their fourth anniversary in a romantic ceremony.

The island getaway comes as Beyonce is preparing for her big return to the stage after giving birth earlier this year. The singer is scheduled to perform three shows at Revel BEach’s Ovation Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey over Memorial Day Weekend.

Check out 15+ pics of The Carters on vacation in St. Barts below:

  • Cinthadrig
  • Cinthadrig

    she is a very beautiful girl.she is a very hot.

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  • motorfingaz

    Jay Z need to get in the gym LOL!!

  • I guess folk who have been really looking at Bey can now tell she had her own baby.  This is not the same woman as before she had her baby.  Sorry.  She’s covering all that up, her boobs are full and she just an overall volume that you get after giving birth.  A MOTHER KNOWS.  They look great and look VERY happy.  Kudos!

  • pinkbulletsgirlsband

    damn she looks great :)

  • JayZ looks like he waxes his legs

  • blue ivy

    post baby body?what baby?was beyonce ever pregnant?maybe…but this doesn’t mean she gave birth to this blueivy baby

    • Mad Girl

      I’m with u blue, that girl ain’t had no baby and i’m a mother too.
      Talking bout she’s breastfeeding, i don’t know many mothers with that kind of money goes right back to work after 4mo of giving birth, especially a breastfeeding mother. There needs to be a bonding period. I was looking, but i have yet to see that glow of new mother on her. Talking bout how much weight she loss lol, that don’t mean you a baby, that just mean you loss some weight, duhhhh. If i’m waiting for someone to have a baby and give it to me I would fall-back and eat too, well you got to make it look good a little, so let me put on a few pounds… 

    • James

      You sound silly. She’s going back to work because she loves her job. Can you name a few people that “you” know of that does what they “love” for a living? Ok. Now, Beyonce ain’t goin no where. Blue Ivy will be at home waiting for mommy to get back home, or the baby will be with her, “Plenty of Mother-Daughter-Bonding” there. Get off & clock out. Peace.

    • Nicki

      Well everyone is not like you. Most mothers return to work 6-8 after giving birth. You sound stupid as hell. Stop hating because you sound bitter as hell.

    • Kris

      Why can’t you people just be happy for them? And yes, it is possible to have a baby and get your post baby body back! If she kept her weight under control while she was pregnant, with exercising and eating right (not eating like a horse just because you’re pregnant) and doing the same after birth coupled with breast feeding, those results can be achieved! And you people seem to forget that she has something regular folks don’t have…….a trainer and a personal chef! You guys should take some Anatomy and Physiology classes and possibly learn something about the human body. No two people have the same pregnancy or the same results after birth!!!!

  • Mybeauty22

    she has a big ass back, B, got more masculine genes in her than feminine.

  • Celestinjulianna

    Wht’s the point of hiding your baby

  • LMN


  • bricki sw9 myatts

    i dont like jay-z’s music but as a man and hustler you cant mock him. why does everyone call him a mason, masons are white, dont matter how much hes got he could even do a m.j but he’ll never be mason material hes black, so what 50, p.diddy, master p, birdman and lil flip got mad p, are they masons as well

    • Alpha

      There are black masons….my father, my uncle, and I are masons….secret hand shade and all.

  • donnie

    beyonce had a baby bitch, what makes you think jayz pimped all his life to settle down with sum bitch who fakes pregnancys, whos got time 4 dat. if i was so famous dat people wasted their lives on the internet trying to find out if my childs bilogically mine i would hide my baby aswell, god knows wat weirdos wanna snatch my kid up, i would hate to be jay z and beyonce, it looks like nothin but stress. shes beyonce not michael jackson. shiat

    • Kalies

      what you getting mad for you not Jay Z nor Beyonce so actually you dont know if she really had a baby or not .. and honestly i dont think she had a baby .

  • Call’em Out

    All these pics and noooooo baby on the beach!?!? She faking that baby is fake just like her #REBORN #BABY

  • disqus_0xO60WgvzH

    But the babys hair is very soft like brazilian so i wounder hw cn that be?

    • Nicki

      You must be white right? If you know anything about black people you would know that our babies are born bright sometimes damn near white with straight hair. And as the weeks and months go by they start to get darker and their hair and features changes.Please don’t post another dumb comment without doing your research first.

  • Wilda Dada

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  • anonymous

    Those are photos of her at 9 months pregnant cuz that’s exactly what her stomach looked like …

  • Cassie

    I honestly dont think she had the baby, I understand she loves her job but i would love my child more than keeping up my fame. i understand shes a big inspiration in music but im sure her fans would understand she just had a child and needed time to be a mom especially since its her FIRST child and considering the fact that she had a miscarriage…if she loves her music as much as she does i can see her having a segregate mother to carry her child so she could keep up her looks. 4 months isnt enough time to me just dosnt seem right. plus she had weight issues. she talked about it. she faked this sorry.

    • Flyaway3422

      Bitch shut yo hatin ass up..u people are ridiculous..just cause yo broke ass cant afford to have a a good trainer dont mean she has to be fat after havin one too….??? really??? u people cant be serious….smh

  • Oh please, they posed for these photos.

  • smarter than u

    She already told yall she’s a private person. And unlike the rest of these media whores, B & J is two real regular ppl at heart. Think about it dummies. They can hide their Ivy, fuck the tabloids. They got their money so they dont have to sell their business 2the tabloids.

  • Cardio32

    Why is it when people state their opinion about Beyonce they hating ? Why can’t it just be they don’t care there for them ?

  • southernbelle

    I believe that she IS a female. I have a friend who my family has know all her life. She’s really fit and beautiful, but is sorta butch. She’s well endowed behind, well toned all over and has killer lips. To look at her you’d think she was a male at first glimpse. But when you really look at her you see she’s absolutely beautiful and is just so muscled. Being that she’s so athletic and well put together there are many men who are intimidated by her and many women who fill threatened by her. So they resort to the only thing they can think of… That’s right, as you guessed it. They say things about her physic, how she looks, walks and talks. But the funny part is that they are only bringing negative attention to themselves and making themselves look like the low self esteemed inferior haters they really are. For a polite person would look and keep their comments to themselves. If you saw a person w/ a handicap in a wheelchair or missing limbs or suffered from retardation you wouldn’t start pointing and leering at them in public. The sad thing here is that people have no manners or self discipline these days. Maybe it’s because so many children have had and are having children that the teaching of proper manners is a thing of the past. Even sadder still is the fact that people neglect to look at themselves before they start judging the looks, actions, or ways of another. No one is perfect, we all have faults people. Take a good look in the mirror and think back at some of the things you’ve done in the past… or maybe even what you’re currently doing right now before you judge anyone else.