Raffles van Exel Ripped Off TMZ With Fake Whitney Houston Picture

Remember that Raffles van Exel guy who sold Whitney Houston’s casket photo to the National Enquirer?

Well, apparently, not only is he in the business of conning celebrities … but he likes to rip off celebrity websites too!

READ: Raffles van Exel Sold Whitney Houston’s Casket Photo to the National Enquirer

According to Forbes writer Roger Friedman (who first broke the story about van Exel), pictures of Whitney’s hotel room that were posted to TMZ shortly after her tragic February 11th death were sent in by van Exel, who probably received a sum of money for the photos, in addition to the rumored $500K he was paid by the Enquirer for the controversial casket photo.

But one of the pictures he sold to the website, which allegedly showed Houston’s body covered with a white sheet on a gurney being taken out of the Beverly Hilton Hotel the night of her death is a fake.

In fact, the “body” in the photo isn’t even Whitney’s body at all. It’s her daughter Bobbi Kristina, who was rushed to the hospital twice shortly after her mother’s death, and covered her face with the white sheet to avoid unnecessary media attention.

A person who was in the hallway (see picture) tells me the “body” under the white sheet was Bobbi Kristina, Whitney’s daughter. She was taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital twice after her mother died. Bobbi Kristina wrapped the sheet over her head so as not to be seen.

Unfortunately, when Whitney’s body was removed from the hotel much later, it was not under a sheet, but in an official coroner’s body bag–the blue or back kind you see on TV shows that get zipped up. The only person in the group other than family and Houston’s publicist Kristen Foster (seen on the far left) was van Exel.


Regarding the other pictures, showing Houston’s last meal and the bathtub where her body was found, was also sent in by van Exel, who was one of the only three people who had access to the room, including Pat Houston and her husband Gary (Whitney’s brother and sister-in-law/manager).

Many believe Pat Houston is in on Raffles van Exel’s cashing in on Whitney’s death since she is the one who is basically giving this guy an all access pass to all things Whitney.

Though van Exel isn’t a family member, he traveled with the Houstons from L.A. to New Jersey on Tyler Perry’s private jet, was invited to both viewings AND the private burial, and apparently he also had access to the hotel suite where Whitney died.

$500,000 (plus the TMZ cash) is a lot of money and we have a strange feeling Pat Houston pocketed some of that too.

This Raffles van Exel guy is something serious.

What do you think about Raffles van Exel, and do you think Pat Houston is on in his latest scam?

  • yup she is in on the scam

  • samsun

    I think she is.

  • tinaswebsitedesigns

    Van Exel is a murder, NO FRIEND would ever be there when you die, and immediately think.  Let me get my camera!!!.  Not only did he sell the photos of the bathtub she died in with water still in it that she drowned in.  He not only sold Bobbi going on stretcher claiming it was Whitney for a profit he was at the wake snapping and selling also.  Pat allowed all this.  Pat and Van Exel need to go to jail for murder.  Them two was the only ones with her the day she died.  They helped her get high and drowned her when she went into a stupor.  So said.  In plain site.  Van Exel was friends with MJ.  Google Van Exel How to be a con on YouTube.  He brags about coning celebs.  He gets off on it so much he does a video tutorial.  I think his fetish and Pats “blessings” got the best of Whitney, literally.  They murdered her. and cashed in. Pat diffinately let Exel take pics just to be the fall guy but they were def in on it together.  Why fly him to Jersey.  He was THEE only NON family at hotel and body viewing.  Seriously?

  • Pecaneve

     I bet that by the end of the week were going to read about how PATRICIA HOUSTON set this whole thing up.on the Opra interview didn’t seem she was grieving Whitney death.they all need to go to jail!R.I.P WHITNEY HOUSTON

  • Neci18277

    Sad to say during the Oprah interview I sensed so much untruth..when does a love one pass away and you walk slowly down the walkway..did she know Whitney had passed prior to her arrival back to hotel, so many unanswered questions.  No emotion, the love of  money is the root of all evil and truly money was involved.

  • Neci18277

    Sad to say during the Oprah interview I sensed so much untruth..when does a love one pass away and you walk slowly down the walkway..did she know Whitney had passed prior to her arrival back to hotel, so many unanswered questions.  No emotion, the love of  money is the root of all evil and truly money was involved.

  • butch31

    GOD is good, slow to anger, and hates detestable people. This will be resolved. 1st Corinthians 15:33 says: Bad Association Spoils Useful Habits. We all know Whitney Houston did NOT make the best decisions, but she didn’t deserve this! Cissy Houston, just know that Satan takes care of his people, and JEHOVAH GOD definitely takes care of his people. We’ll see Whitney again!!

  • betterdays ahead

    someone needs to look at this Raffles Van excel and all these people close to her at the time of her death. there is something wrong…who left her alone? was she alone? why was the water so hot? if she was only alone for a half hour etc? please someone look at these people something isnt right.

  • Lovelokdown

    i can’t believe this is the discussion right now, whitney was just getting back on her feet. She deserves to get justified and have some closure to what really happened to her . And all this for money if it was pat and this exel guy i wonder if they think it was worth the money and all the pain they caused to her family , mainly bobbi kristina . How can people be so heartless , i hope , only god knows for now but we will all get our answers soon and justice will be paid for those who have done wrong in this whole tragedy. RIP WHITNEY _gone but never forgotten …. 

  • Sounds like a fake name to me.

  • hell yeah all of them is apart of the scam

  • Of course Pat & gary are in on it. She gave herself away at the funeral with her shitty comments. Then she let us know that Whitney looked beautiful in her casket for all of us who didn’t get to see her. She was dropping hints.
    They invited Raffles to cover their own butts. Many believe it because it is the truth. She has never looked more happier and alive since Whitney has been dead. She thinks she can actually step in and just take over.

  • Her bodyguard said she had been praying, singing and playing gospel and reading the bible. This is just before he left and she spoke to her mother.
    Something is wrong. It makes no sense and I am NOT making excuses. It is a fact.