First Photo of Fantasia’s Baby with Antwaun Cook

Here’s a first look at Fantasia’s son with Antwaun Cook!

Fantasia Barrino gave birth to a son she named Dallas Xavier Barrino in December of last year following a very private pregnancy, which was the result of an affair the R&B singer had with a married man named Antwaun Cook.

You know the story. Fantasia met Antwaun in her hometown Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite the fact that he was married, Fantasia and Antwaun continued to see each other and had sex. She got pregnant, then had an abortion.

Once word got out about the affair, the American Idol winner tried to kill herself by overdosing on a bottle of pain pills.

Fantasia was clearly pregnant in this June 2011 picture of her and Antwaun Cook on the beach in Barbados

In the months that followed, Fantasia promoted the release of a new album, and was on the verge of nabbing a starring role in a biopic about gospel legend Mahalia Jackson, however all of that fell apart after rumors broke out that she was pregnant with another baby by Antwaun.

At first, Fantasia vehemently denied the pregnancy rumors, crediting her recent weight gain to her “preparing” for her movie role, however, months later, she confirmed at an event in Florida that she was indeed with child.

Antwaun Cook pictured here with his estranged wife Paula Cook

Fast forward to now, and Fantasia and Antwaun are NOT on good terms. According to recent reports, Cook is now reportedly “cheating” on Fantasia with his estranged wife Paula Cook. (SMH: The jokes write themselves!)

And now, according to a new report from, Antwaun is apparently cheating on both Fantasia AND Paula with ANOTHER woman who decided to send in a photograph of Antwaun pictured with his newborn son Dallas, along with the following juicy story:

So, a source very close to the situation spills a little tea on the relationship of Antwaun Cook, Paula Cook and Fantasia Barrino. The Source says that according to Antwaun, he has been trying to leave Fantasia for some time now but Fantasia continues to beg and cry to be with him.

Fantasia lost her home and had to move back to her first house and Antwaun did not follow behind. Fantasia cries that Antwaun isn’t trying to make it work. He claims he doesn’t like the way she treats people and he’ll never go back (although many times he’s slept in her home and said he was “there to see his son”.)

There have been incidents when Fantasia has shown up at Antwaun’s home crying and banging on the door and he wouldn’t let her in. Our Source knows because she is the woman Antwaun is seeing now.

She claims Antwaun is very charming and she can see why Fantasia would fall for him but in the end “he ain’t sh-t”. She makes references to rumors that Antwaun may be trying to get back with Paula, his still not ex-wife, saying that they were recently at a party together and it’s very likely Antwaun and his estranged wife hooked up that night.

Speaking of parties, Antwaun hasn’t attended a single CIAA party with Fantasia although he was definitely spotted around town.

Oohh … BURN!

[Source: Baller Alert]

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  • Trt50

    who cares….low lifes…yuk

  • You Repe What You Sow Iam Praying For Her!!!

  • shybyme

    Antwan cook is playing Fantasia .Fantasia need to build her self esteem up ….There’s is pety of more good men out there she just have to stay focus on her self and her kids…

    Maybe she is just the type of woman just fall in love fast or perhap it showed because Fantasia dont care if Antwan is a married man ..she act like who cares i have a baby from him and that going to make this man want me. Stop lying to your self.. Fantasia go get some help….

    Disappointed in my America Idol Fantasaia.

    • Trembleangela

      okay i know we are intitle to our opinion. But don’t judge . Because you are going by what the media is saying. You don’t know if this is true or not. What I am saying is yes she fell in love with crook i mean cook. But you don’t know really what the situation is. Because neither you are I was there, People we are so quick to take things and run with it, Because it sound like its true. Put yourself in that situation. How do you know you wouldn’t do the same. Its alot of people that have been in that situation. So why is she getting call out because she can sing. Now if that was you . Ask yourself how would you feel. Its easy to point finger and tell somebody that they got trash around there door and they need to sweep it up. But what about all that mess around yours. I am just saying.  Now suppose that you have something  you wouldn’t want to get out and the whole town knew . How would you feel about that. I am just saying.   Shybyme lets love and pick up each other instead of bringing each other down by talking about then. Continue to see good into people because we all fall down. Including you. God love all of us. And that’s why he die on the cross to forgive us from our sin. He who have not sin let then be the one to case the first stone.

    • Alishaonlyone

      She making strong independant women look bad, I dont let no man runover me or mistreat me any kind of way, they are just men. A MAN WILL TREAT YOU THE WAY YOU LET HIM. She can let that man go back to his wife and let her deal with him, She deserves better.

    • keyshia

      fantasia always had low self esteem  people always tease her call her ugly & she got rape. she have her ged  

    • Truth

      what are you talking about its 2012 lets move forward

  • eneer

    Don’t surprise me she don’t know how to talk to me…one of my nieces ran into her and she
    was so rude…I told my niece she just insecure b/c U r a pretty girl. I don’t like Fantasia.
    She is reaping what she sow.Can’t be blessed tearing up that woman’s home. Fantasia You
    are through!!!

    • Truth

      Whats your story and who are you to judge someone,  how you know who did what  you don’t know her to like or dislike her

  • eneer

    Certainly wasn’t the looks? B/c the wife look way better than Fantasia…What was
    wrong with Antwaun? Very Silly man!!! Sure he regret it now!! but 2 late.Po Baby got
    2 silly parents.

  • Alishaonlyone

    Both women are weak and they are excepting that this no good ass man can bring them a sexually transmitted disease. A MAN WILL TREAT YOU THE WAY YOU LET HIM!!! Beyonce has a song that Women rule the world but WEAK women who accepts a man to mistreat her make all us strong independant women look bad. GET some Self esteem.

  • Fantasia,…I know she ain’t crying over a married man. Apparently he was never hers,..He was just using her cause of her fame…And she gone whine over him when there is so many running around here prolly feening for her ass. WTH!!

     Fantasia, stop this shit, get your act together, you know how we STRONG black women do,..damn his ass,.take care of your babies and move the hell on…Concentrate on YOU girl…Get that money, pay off your shit and get back in the movie game.. da hell is wrong with you? Don’t make me see this mess again, you crying ova a man…hell naw..

    • keysha

      antwaun works @ tmobile store 

    • Tay

      Seriously… Clown

    • LMBO!!!!

    • buttercup

      We did not hear her say nothin. Don’t just take what you hear and run with it.

    • My point!

  • Paula

    Fantasia, u got tallent, u got game, focuse on ur kids, Fu%%%% dat ni&&&&, he aint shit, do u girl. God gives u a voice n a gift, use it before u loose it. God is good, he doesn’t give us more than we can bear, so hold ur head up high, u r a woman n a strong woman at that. Get u act together and get back on ur feet, n take care of yourself, no one is going to do it for u, except u, and take care of ur babies, God bless.  Wishes u all the blessing in the world. U hold ur destiny in ur hands no one else. Be strong girl, I know it hurt. Life still goes on.   

    • You have such a wonderful comment; I also agree with your
      comment, however please work on your grammar because this is a public site.

  • Nativesooner

    Really? Criying over a married man. She knew he was married and should have realized he was a cheater when he got involvoed with her. Is she so stupide taht she would think he would leave his wife for her. It’s cheaper to keep the wife and not have to lose everything he has. Now how pathetic is that situation. Banging on his door, he should sic the dogs on her. Get back to work and support your children, Fantasia.

  • Afroch1c

    They both need to leave his ass and let him be with what he deserves most in this world…a white chick that only wants him for his dick and will live with him for this one reason only, with no love, no tears, no REAL feeling or emotion attached…AT ALL!!!

  • Kia :)

    I know Ms. Cook. She Is A Wonderful Teacher. & As Far As Fantasia… Karma Is A Bitch. He has Kids With Ms. Cook & I’m Sure he Married her Because He Loved Her & Is STILL Married To Her. Females Are So Simple. Just Cause A Guy Shows You A Little Attention And Has Sex With you Doesn’t Mean He Loves You. But Whatever… Its All up To Her.

  • Hubaka

    That’s my homeboy…. he is who he is and Oh well. He got his real friends.

    • TheOne

      Well if that’s your “homeboy” as you say tell him to get his shit together! This is a hot ass mess that HE caused! Three women, and kids sprawled all over the place is a damn shame. He is a dog point blank period! Smooth talking my ass…I think he had an agenda talking to Fantasia and she wasn’t that bright to see it. The real victims in this is not these women, but the kids who will have to one day see just how much of a “rolling stone” their “father” is and I use father loosely…. #justsaying

    • pc

      I only have one thing to say!!!!IF HE DOES IT WITH YOU -HE’LL DO IT TO YOU____

  • This new chick just as stupid as Fantasia and “his still not ex-wife” for getting involved with him knowing he’s still dipping with the wife and Fantasia and u people needs to stop blamin Fantasia u know how men lie Antwaun and his wife legally seperated so it really dosent matter who he lay up with and knockup and the wife keep accepting it he’s gonna continue to do it sleep with her,Fantasia,and the stupid new chick so if they like it i love it lol!#igetakickoutofstupidity hahaha

  • This new chick just as stupid as Fantasia and “his still not ex-wife” for getting involved with him knowing he’s still dipping with the wife and Fantasia and u people needs to stop blamin Fantasia u know how men lie Antwaun and his wife legally seperated so it really dosent matter who he lay up with and knockup and the wife keep accepting it he’s gonna continue to do it sleep with her,Fantasia,and the stupid new chick so if they like it i love it lol!#igetakickoutofstupidity hahaha

  • Wallsdonique

    Is he the only man in town good god there are three woman fighting over one dick I have seen it all…. Let Go An Let God

  • KrissG23

    I love fantasia to death, but all I can say is Karma is a mutha.  What goes around will be back at yoou. You can take that to the bank every time.  Another woman has come into the pic just like she came into the picture between Antwuan and his wife.  You can’t do wrong and not expect wrong not to come back to you.  That’s just the way it is and will always be!

    • buttercup

      f you love her you wouldn’t say these things. You would ask that whoever know prayer, to pray for her. You never did wrong????

    • Do you know all the details of the situation? I think not,
      because if you did, you would not have posted this comment. Fantasia and Antwaun both admitted to the fact that Fantasia didn’t know he was still married. It was understood by her that he and his wife was divorced. Don’t judge a situation when you aren’t certain of the facts. My grandmother always says “never assume anything, because in assuming you make and ASS out of U and ME.”

  • Jhoward

    How you get a man is how you lose him as wise person once said.  So Fantasia he is not yours to keep.  

  • This is a clear case of a relationship that wasn’t headed anywhere in the first place!! Ladies we have to learn when it’s real and when it’s just something to pass the time. I love Fanny but I don’t feel sorry for her because after he appeared on her show he really didn’t seem like he was all that invested into the situation then so why turn around and after you already had one abortion get pregnant by him again like that was going to really change something!!

    I am 32 and thinking a baby was something to keep a man was my thought process in my early twenties!! Fanny just like the rest of us who already have had kids knows that this isn’t going to hold a man!! And any woman with half a brain knows that if someone has been married for several years and you happen to be the first fish he bags you are definitely getting thrown back once he is done with you!! This is simply because after being tied down he isn’t getting ready to jump out of a long relationship to jump right back into another one! That doesn’t just apply to men because ladies we do it too..
     I mean after answering to someone for several years about who, what, when and where we don’t wantta feel smothered by someone else right away so my advice to Fanny is to raise her now two kids as the single mother she is and move on.. Antwan may not be a very good person which he is obviously a CHEATER!! But Fanny baby you bought this on yourself.. If he didn’t clear out the old baggage before he bought you into the picture you should have known better that he wasn’t going far with you and now you have bought an innocent child into the foolishness.. Women have to start being smarter about our choices!!

    I have a son and really wanted to have another baby along the way but going through the single mother trip once and just being somebodies baby momma isn’t something I am interested in after my first go round. I would much rather have a husband and a family. If you create this kind of problem after you’ve already experienced it once then you shouldn’t cry about being alone and having to raise your kids by yourself because you obvisously don’t mind!! Just a sad situation that isn’t going to turn out good for Fanny!!

    • buttercup

      All things are possible! You just doomed her. But I decree a happy ending in her life, a man who love GOD will love her and her babies. Regardless of our choices ‘we women’ should go easy on each other. We are human and we make bad choices. So what life goes on. She will be fine and so will her beautiful black children! I know I been there done it.

  • Tanishajohnson87

    hellow. i agree with all of what you say, yes he is a good looking man, fantasia i think you was set up baby girl, he had his wife go along with it, that wat they can get your money and live happy ever after, what i no is dont come into something that god put together, just no it will never work, any way pretty baby, keep doing you.

  • joyce c

    Fantasia….if this true, okay, fine…now it’s time to move on with your life, you have two beautiful children that loves you….get your behind, back into the studio, and sing your heart out….don’t look back on your troubles, move forward…’s time…you have a gift that a lot of us would love to have….use it wisely and not foolishly….you’re going to be fine….  :-)

    • buttercup

      Now this is how you show love for her. Thanks Joyce.Take a lesson Kriss G

  • Chajapin

    Stop acting like Fantasia did all the dirt by herself!!! If dude was happy and cntent in his marriage, an affair would never been an option.  You can’t do something that another person allows you to do.  Two people are to blame for this affair.  The question really is, “How many time before has he cheated on his wife and didn’t get caught?”

    • You right, it takes two to tangle but damn this is the second time Fantasia has made poor choices in baby fathers. First time shame on them second time is shame on you and he was married? Definitly shame on Fantasia this time.

    • I agree 100%

    • Buttercup

      Remember she was young and the young man took advantage of her. Get it right before you talk what you don’t know! He was supposed to be leaving his wife remember?????????? People just talk and don’t know what to say. Get the facts then talk. Lot’s of men do that…LIE!!!!

    • he wasnt divorced though. just cuz a man says he is leaving doesnt mean he is leaving. Cook wanted the nookie so he told Fantasia what she wanted to hear (aka a lie)to get that nookie. Unfortunately, she fell for it. Fantasia should have said: No divorce papers, no nookie.. Both parties wrong if ya ask me….

    • Well stated, however it was understood that he was divorced. Then when she found out he wasn’t he told her he was in the middle of a divorce. He lied to her and she believed it.

  • alldizazz

    Ok  lets keep this real, Antwuan is very good looking and he could get it, but he obviously is only good for being in the bed. I would never fall for someone like that. I would however fall in bed with him!!!!!!!!

  • Poetee

    Dear women who cheat with married men: when the man is having relations with his wife he is not cheating on you, he is having relations with His Wife! When he is having sex with you he is cheating on his wife!
    Now repeat after me: you are the jump off, in, around or what ever-not His WIFE! No excuses-Stay in your lane!

    • Buttercup


  • Adamyassmine12

    i really hate this fantasia girl for breaking a marriage home, no wonder why she don’t sell record anymore.

    • Dontjudge

      I’m pretty sure it’s him who broke the home. We always look for others to be the blame. He took the vows, cheated, and allowed his family to break up. It’s funny how Fantasia is in the wrong but people have no problem loving Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats & Gabreille Union & Dwayne Wade. They are even on magazine covers. It’s not our place to jugde one another but Fantasia stands for the church and it’s always under attack.

  • Att1214

    Funny how yall are only blaming her, but she isn’t seelping with herself.  He’s a dog and continues to be.  She just needs to get her street smart on and stop letting thses boys (not men) stop playing her.


    Antwuan,is a serial cheater and he’s only in love with himself. Fantasia,having a baby is not going to hold no man,now your stuck with another child to raise by yourself. It takes two to tango,with immature man you will be carrying everything on you own. Let Antwuan go on about his business because he not going to do nothing for none of you women,nothing but a wet @..! Grow up and make a stand and stop crying over a nothing azz man.

  • Tay

    Grow the fuck up… There is to many stories at first someone said that she wasn’t aware that he was married and how you guys say she was… Leave them people alone before ya’ll get ya blocked knocked off… What she decides to do is her business and there is a possibility that you guys are editing these pics to make her look pregnant… Leave folks alone…

  • GG

    Hmm…I can see this now. Several months later…they split up…he will want sole custody…he’ll get awarded & become rich like Kevin Federline! Thought Tasia would be smarter than that.

  • Kay_Taylor

    Fantasia was supposed to been that type that made songs on stuff like this and lessons learned but she was wrong knowing he is married i mean if he married and got kids what makes you think having his child is going to keep him i lost faith in Miss Barrino she basically did homewrecking things. Yes he wrong for what he did but damn she knew he married she could have avoided this

  • B SKI


  • Now people lets get a grip all parties involved with grown willing participants who did what they wanted to do.Yes she was wrong, but so was he who was in the committed relationship before he sought out another woman lets put the right blame in the right places I dont care who he is sleeping with and this so called new details coming from a new girl PLease take it allwith a grain of salt as she is just a caught up with a married man as Fantasia is.THINK THE MAN IS STILL MARRIED #imjustsaying

  • I started reading this article judging Fantasia as a hoe that sleeps with married men and keeps the little side baby to try to keep the man. Now I still feel the same way about Fantasia (very disappointed about her) but I am also looking at this asshole Antwaun Cook like WTF. He is obviously a dog and his wife Paula should leave his ass and rape him for alimony. Fantasia showed she is low class and deserves everything she gets which should only be very basic child support. Fantasia already made the mistake once with a no good man, now she has another baby by somebody else’s man this time? Cook is dead wrong but we got to look at Fantasia for making selfish, irresponsible bad choices as well.

  • privatethoughts85

    Smh..i look forward to the day Fantasia gets her act together. She is too much of a talent to keep making all these poor choices in life, esp when she is an a position where she can make such great choices in life. I mean, did she even get her G.E.D? But she found time to lay on her back and make a baby, abort it, then make another?!?!When she won idol ALL we heard about was ZION ZION ZION.Can anyone tell me where she is now? When asked how she thought her” attempted” suicide would effect her daughter, her repsonse (i wasnt thinking about my daughter). And now she is probably tickle pink over her new “baby with antuan”, trying to trap a man that doesnt need to be trapped. She has put on all this weight, finally won a grammy last year and couldnt even attend and is literally loosing the roof over her/her childerns heads. If nothing else i hope all this bs makes for a great next album. She has enough to drama and blues to sing about now. PLZ DO BETTER TASIA…FOR YOUR FANS…FOR YOUR KIDS.

  • concerned

    FANTASIA,Please forget about him take care of yourself and your babies. May God give you the strength to rise above this and bless us with your voice again THINK ABOUT YOUR BABIES.

  • How do you guys know this is true? I know, you don’t! I
    don’t believe this at all, if you provide me some evidence to support these allegations, then I might believe it. Until then I proudly say that this is false

  • Sonny

    That’s what happen when you sleep with a married man. Who cares if him and his wife was separated they were still legally married. The fact of the matter is she ended up with a baby and a no good cheating douche bag who got her pregnant and put no ring on it. Good job Fantasia I though highly of you but after seeing everything you’ve done your no better than the other home wreckers females in the music industry. Alicia Keys your next Karma comes!

  • wow! she is amazing even pregnant.. probably this is the most beautiful state of any woman. To be a parent or a mother is great thing