Watch “Love and Hip-Hop” Season 2 Episode 4

“Love and Hip-Hop” is back for another season!

“Love and Hip-Hop” follows six women, each with a connection to the world of Hip-Hop, who are all trying to make it in a world of backstabbing, jealousy, broken promises and shattered dreams.

You’ve got Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones‘ longtime girlfriend/”fiancee”), Olivia Longott (who used to be with 50 Cent & G-Unit and is now trying to become a solo act) and Somaya “Boss” Reese (who is trying to launch a successful) rap career, model Kimberly “Kimbella” Vanderhee (Juelz Santana‘s baby mama) and Jim Jones’ manager Yandy Smith.

Oh yeah … and did we mention the drama? A VH1 reality show isn’t a VH1 reality show without drama, and “Love and Hip-Hop” serves up just enough to fulfill that ratchet appetite in all of us!

Missed last night’s episode? Well, don’t worry … we’ve got you covered.

Watch it below:

  • who the fuck crissy thinks she is shes always mad about the stupidiest shit cant get nothing done is nobody but jims girl not even is wife thats when you know you good for nothing focus on doing something for your self and stop hating so much . and for olivia you aint good your self so stop bashing somaya and try to get a deal cause you aint pass 50 cent at least somaya gives good entertainment with her shows.and emily stop stressing fabs dick get over it stop blaming every body for fabs behavior yandy i like you dont let crissy intimidate you.

  • LaToya

    AGREED! Chrissy needs to find a damn hobby! she uses jim as a weapon against every1 for god knows what reason. It’s getting really old now…and kimbella annoys me…just sayin……

  • Princess

    OMG!! I just want to say I love Chrissy. She is a royal BITCH. But, She’s the Lady of A BOSS so she can be. She does need to find a hobby so she can have something to do, but other than that I have nothing but love for her. Now Olivia I do like you but you need to stop hating on Somoya because yall are on the SAME LEVEL regardless of how you want to swing it. Maybe try working together and then youll both might achieve your goals. Emily… I know its hard when your in love with someone but MOVE ON. HE’S NOT WORTH IT. You can do so much better for yourself and your kids. Kimbella and Yandy I dont care for neither one of yall. I feel like they just put yall on the show to add more ppl if that was the case they should havent added real hip hop celebrity girlfriends such as Ashanti or Beyonce. Im just saying…