MC Hammer feels quite accomplished after releasing his diss song about Jay-Z.

Hammer posted Thursday on Twitter that he had already won the “battle”….and sent out a warning to others.

“@MercedesRay320 Big Play Ray.. I already won. I addressed a man that most men fear. Used him as a warning to others. And checked him too.. Nothing worse than a Spineless Man (ask any woman) .. I ReBuke Weakness..Why you gett’n at J .. Shut up ‘Gurly Men’.. govenator lol.”

He also went on to say that Sean Carter is a genius…but don’t sleep on him.

“He Blindsided me with ‘So Appalled’ and now he ‘wines’ me with his new book.. Sean Carter is a genius.. But don’t sleep on me ..”

We feel like he took all of this WAAAAYY too seriously! It’s easy to win a battle when you’re the only one fighting.

Find something better to do with your time other than writing weird, indecipherable things on Twitter. Hammer time!