Yesterday the web was buzzing about a potential pregnancy between Beyonce and Jay-Z ….. however according to Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mother), the rumors are FALSE! Ms. Tina paid a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres show and set the record straight. Peep what she said below:

“I’m here the clear the rumors up. The truth is that it’s not Beyonce that’s pregnant….it’s me!” joked Tina, with a smile on her face. “I”m kidding y’all!” she said to the shocked crowd. “I’m 56. No, no, it’s not true [about Beyonce]. Not right now.”

Even Mama Tina has heard about all of the pregnancy rumors regarding her 29-year-old daughter over the years.

“With all the rumors, by now I should have about 5 or 6 grandchildren,” she said jokingly to Ellen.

So there you have it! According to the non-existent baby’s grandma ….. Beyonce is NOT pregnant! (We kinda told you so haha) Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming….