Fantasia Made a Sex Tape with Antwaun Cook During Their Affair …. Says His Wife!

We knew R&B singer Fantasia Barrino was a man snatcher … but damn!

The former American Idol winner was recently named in court documents filed by a woman who claims Barrino and her husband have been getting it in for quite sometime now and even have a sex tape together! (Now that’s just wild)

Read on for the details…

According to TMZ, Paula Cook filed for child support against her hubby Antwaun Cook…and also cited there being an affair between him and Fantasia after they met at a T-mobile store back in 2009. She also goes on to say that the two recorded their sexual escapades together.

“Throughout the course of their adulterous affair … Defendant/Husband and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit activity.”

Fantasia and her reps have not spoken out on the matter.

Damn Tasia! We knew you were creepin’ around with another woman’s husband, but you made sex tapes too? SMH…


  • DeeBee

    Not a very classy thing to do. Ooops, forgot — it’s Fantasia. Par for the course.

  • Shasha

    It sounds like the marraige was already in trouble before the affair (of course, this site won’t publish that). Whatever happens, happens….I love Fantasia’s music….what she does or doesn’t do in her personal life means nothing to me.

  • Toni

    No excuse by either side. If you are self respecting female with pride and confidence, you don’t need to be with a man that’s married. It’s not your business whether his marriage is in trouble or not; as long as he’s not divorced it’s time to keep it moving.
    There are too many men out there to settle on someone that is willing to cheat to be with you because once a cheater always a cheater.
    I love myself to damn much to have limitations put on my relationship and I respect women on a whole. I am all for sisters lifting each other up and not tearing each other down. Even if I don’t know the female, I am not messing with her man or husband.
    I love Fanasia for her talents, but I no longer respect her as a person.

  • VoiceofReason

    You don’t always know that a man is married when you date him. Men lie. I’m not excusing either party’s behavior — even though we don’t have the entire story. It’s easier to say what we respect in what has been reported about other’s lives. The truth of the matter is, we don’t know these folks.


    Fantashia, is a un-attractive little black girl from Charlotte N.C. I think with the fame and small
    fortune she has made, with her stink dirty little brother, I have never seen more ignorance in my life.
    This guy has no talent at all, and is wondering why his career has’nt rocketed…… AH DA.
    Fantashia can sing, but needs a crash course in class. Her entire family is mooching offf her little sucess.Stop acting like a whore FANTASHIA, you’re alreaady earning that title just being yourself. A man in your league will be with you for money. Start by learning to read, get your G.E.D. and
    give your baby someone to be proud of.

  • sugardaisy

    He’s just after money. And his wife is certainly better looking than Fantasia. Besides, Fantasia sounds like she is a bitch.

  • Pamela

    Fantasia better start counting her money… North Carolina is one of the 7 states in the US where you can sue the other party for infidelity, and that will suck for Fantasia, but Paula Cook will be the one to prosper in the end! She’ll be rich, have the kids exclusively and can start looking for a real man! Real men DON’T cheat on their wives!! They’re just a bunch of cowards, with a limp stick, in need of constant lube. Idiots! I don’t like Fantasia anyway.. Diana DeGarmo was robbed on Idol.. Don’t watch that show anyway.. Just a bunch of losers, except for Carrie Underwood – the only classy chick that’s been spurned into a star…


    PLEASE STOP THIS NOW!!!!! Obviously Mr. Cook is blind because no one with vision would have sex with her. She is fugly

  • Sharon

    Right up front–I’ve never liked Fantasia and I’m not surprised at her behavior. She proves how dumb she is when she says that Paula needs to learn how to treat a man! Lol! He cheated because he is that kida of man! A cheater! He has no respect for his marriage. In time he will also cheat on Fantasia. That is just how these men work.

  • rick

    Fantasia your a slut eatin ho!! Ever wonder why the black female gets no respect in the entertainment industry?? Now you know why, because SOME OF YOU SISTER HAVE NO MORALS WHATSOEVER!!!

  • Larry Scott

    @jEANETTE lEE: That was quite an interesting blog you wrote.Very surprising you could write it from that Ivory Tower you (must) live in .When she get’s her GED I suppose you have a nice job lined up for her?Cleaning your house?Or some other job you figure an un-attractive little black girl should do.If you have a husband, you might better keep him a safe distance away, she might go after him.I know you read your Bible, remember : JUDGE NOT,OR JUDGEMENT BELONGS TO GOD, I just know you felt so much superior , the tone of your blog was really something.GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Is anyone surprised by this ?? We’re talking Fantasia here. From the first time I saw her and heard her speak I knew she was a classless “broad”. Someone please tell me she will not release those sex tapes. She is just too nasty for anyone to want to see them. She used to cry on Idol about her little baby and how she loved her. What a great legacy she is leaving her. PIG !!!

  • Marla

    @rick: Why is it when a sister or Black woman does something it is attributed to the whole race. I don’t hear people attributing Angelina’s shenanigans to the whole race of White women. Other Black women have nothing to do with what Fantasia does. It’s her problem and her business. Period.

  • sabrina

    OMG, I cannot imagine any man having relations with Fantasia, as she is ugly and has no personality.

  • sgerere

    What do you expect from an uneducated person like her. Her whole “poor me” story made it to life time, looks like she is continuing to make her own sob story.

  • christina smith

    Wow!!! What a surprise…..she had an affair. This is really is nobody’s business except for his hers and the wife. They must have wanted to get caught. Everybody knows you don’t go out in public with somebody else’s spouse.

  • mgrey

    people from her hometown will tell you she never had respect here and will never anywhere else when the world really gets to know her. She is just in it for herself and no one else

  • deaia nelson

    woow unbeleivable some these comments. fantasha is a slut…but angela jolie is a beautiful woman….madona is a saint…jessica simson is hot….ummm i wonder what these other woman have in common…..and fantasha is very talented u cannot take that away from her….whatever she is morally….she is very talented……

  • As everyone knows from her hometown she is all about her self. She has never had any respect from anyone in High Point and never will. You can dress up a piece of trash but it still smells, looks and will always be trash.

  • Sharon

    He looks pretty damn good, I see why she went there. It always takes two!

  • Sharon

    Believe it or not, there really are people who have respect for other people and their relationships. These people often have respect for laws and other things we’re supposed to respect in order to have a decent society for ALL. There really is nothing wrong with trying to be a good or nice person. Really!

  • derel

    LOL..DAMN…he look better than HER!

  • So what – it’s just an uncommon woman with a common man doing common stuff in an uncommon movie!

  • sergio

    The jig looks like a man in drag.

  • Simona

    Some of u are simply just a bunch of racist pieces of maggot sh**. What does her being black has to do with the situation? and why is she so ignorant? Angelina Jolie was doing Brad when he was still married to Jen and everyone is loving her. I bet some of you cheat on a regular. BTW I’m not a fan of Fantasia nor of her music. Also everyone is quick to call her ugly but i think Julia Roberts is ugly and skinny and shes not working with anything…..

  • You self rightous motherfcukers….You’re petty,jealous, racist (some of you) and very envious. We don’t know what happened in that relationship. We don’t know what that couple agreed too. Who fcuking really cares. Get your own fcuking lives. Get your fat asses to the gym and stop eating all those bon-bons and bar-b-que pork rinds and drinking all those food lion grape sodas.Also clean your nasty ass section 8 home.Hey Pamela guess what…. Diana DeGarmo could not sing.then. Bottom line.

  • Maybe see does spic…um I mean sergio

  • mary

    I think that guy and his wife had this planned. They are about to get rich quick. The wife sues Fantasia and they get paid. They live happily ever after and Fantasia looses a lot of her money.

  • babbina

    @mary: I think yr right Mary. Seems like hubby & wife r on this weird scheme 2getha… I’m just surprised she fell 4 it.

  • @1320

    Get an education, gain some culture. Maybe then, just maybe you’ll
    be a much happier person with some self esteem.

  • Dinjab

    Has Fantasia learned how to read yet?

  • Sharon

    Once a cheat always a cheat! They deserve each other. Look at Eddie and LeeAnn!! What goes around comes around! Period/End of story!!!!

  • Rick

    @Marla: Marla, you summed it up quickly and precisely. What she did is not good, but it is her business. People have taken their precious time to write aout her in a manner that is unbecoming to intelligent people. If people criticize her for anything, let it be for making foolish decisions to: (1) make absurd comments about them being just friends, when it is obvious (according to the dude’s wife) that she foolishly befriended a man whom she obviously knew was married. (I’m sure she didn’t befriend her.) (2) think that people are stupid enough to believe that they are just friends. (3) make a sex tape (if it’s true).

    The public should refrain from referring to her as a “ho” (short for “whore,” which most people nowdays confuse with the word “slut,” thinking they are being intelligently critical of a person. Also, people should cease from acting as though they are without fault, and refain from expressing the everpopular “Well, at least I didn’t………..,” to make themselves appear to be perfect.

  • bambi

    is bc really necessary?

  • Steven Lewis

    LOL Fantasia is just some ghetto ass chick from the hood that did really good at American Idol and made some money, dont mean she aint gonna be tryin to steal someone elses man, and dont mean she dont own a video camera, and dont mean she gonna sell her self down the river. once a ghetto hood rat. always a ghetto hood rad. HE IS NASTY ANYWAYS EWWWW…GROSS SKIN

  • sharon

    @Toni: THANKS YOU are right on we need more sista’s like you whom respect,and have love for us lets continue you lead by example.

  • Michael Fink

    Ok she slept with a married man was his ring on when doing it with Fantasa if not she may not have had any clue he wa smarried. take the ring off go to bar meet young girl have exual dtaes and when u head home he puts ring back n who are we o say it was her that did wrong she may screwed with married man but she ain’t the one commiting infedelity he is he was mrried not her so she did nothing wrong she may have had no clue the man who was married is the one who had affair Fantasia was the one who was used and is as much a victim as the mans wife. Men do this all the time find a young pretty boy or girl hide thier ring fuck around ith girl/boy til theconnection gets too cose and find a new one! That happens everyday somewhere and only person did wrong wa ste man both the wife and Fantasia are victims so back the the hell off the bitches ass and get throughur thock all about god false story for money heads she and wife are victims the man is the only one that is wrong and let her be!

  • Michael Fink

    @Rick: maybe he was nice to her and played her into his arms newsflash thats what men do the play games who’s to say she spt with him knowing he had wife If it as Christina agulira sh’d be a victim of being played. but no it’s Fantasia she a black lady she notvictim but were it chrisina aguilera or Brintney spears they’d be victim cause they are good wite girls who got played why is it wheever a brother or sister get in an issue tah a white girl or white guy has every week. I mena come one u all praise Lindsey lohan and paris hilton ad they are actual whores ut fantasia who is a very smart intelligentt black girl who worked her ass off to get where she is u all gotta try bring a=the black girl down u all tried same shit to Mary J blig hwo bout tearing down the real sluts like jessica simpson or Paris hilto oh cause ony people complaininmg are the rich white peple ad the men wo like eww she ont cute! Grow up hwo do we know what truly going on tabloid lie thats what they should call them lytoid not tabloids but lytoids

  • Fantasia is a joke along with her saggy, stretch mark riddled droopies. Send her back to from wence she came.

  • Whitecloud

    The only see I see in her picture that she is exposing herself in the wrong way. However once you cheat you always a cheater. You can’t take it back the things you do because of the hurt she has put upon others. When you mess with a married man does she really think the grass is going to greener? Shame! Shame on you!

  • James

    It’s SCARY enough when this SKANK tries (unsucsessfully) to sing I cringe at the thought of seeing her have sex!

  • Deb

    @sergio: Serg, and I’m willing to bet you look exactly like the photo you chose to post…rotten teeth with an underbite and all!

  • Pott54

    If all of THIS makes Fantasia “low class”–then she’s in pretty good company — Elizabeth Taylor, Diahnna Carroll, Angelino Jolie, Alicia Keyes, all of the the Tiger Woods skanks, etc—LOL! All of you SELF-RIGHTEOUS be-otches need to STFU and mind your own business. She’s young and unfortunately will have to learn some things the hard way….especially when it comes to choosing a mate and falling in love.

    But no matter what, she’s a talented young lady and an AWESOME PERFORMER. AND THAT VOICE! If she takes care of herself and her talent, the sky is the limited. I just hope she doesn’t go the way of Whitney trying to maintain a relationship with a sorry, low-down man.

    But I agree with one commenter—–SHE BETTER WATCH HER MONEY—that’s the one thing Whitney did right—pre-nup baby, pre-nup. Because if she doesn’t, she shouldn’t expect SIMON to bail her out again.

    …as for her being “fugly”—some of you need to go stand in a mirror for a very long time so you can see just how “fugly” YOU really are.

  • David

    @jEANETTE lEE: First of all, she is from High Point, not Charlotte. Secondly, you don’t know what the hell happened. Last, I have the feeling her child is extremely proud of her and why not help your family out financially if you can afford to. I certainly would. You need to get off the hate wagon.




  • Sonia

    I am disappointed in Fantasia but, I am glad that her suicide attempt was unsuccessful. I believe Fantasia made her first mistake with this guy when he started complaining to her about his wife. At this point Fantasia should have sent his lying behind home to work things out with his wife. Another thing is we don’t have to judge Fantasia, she know’s better. If she was married would she want her husband to go and complain to another woman about her? I don’t think so. I really am upset with her becaue she had an opportunity to be a good example and she has failed. When my husband told me about this story this morning all I could say was “Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!! Fantasia is a foolish woman and I hope she can redeem herself. She has her roots in the christian faith and I hope she realizes her error and moves on. Lastly, I hope the allegation that she made sex tapes is not true. And how does his wife know that they made sex tapes? Did she film them or was this a ploy and plot to swindle Fantsia out of her money. Fantasia has to be wiser next time she is in a relationship. She is not the prettiest woman arouned but with class and honor a woman can look beautiful when she is ugly.

  • Yvette

    I feel like everybody have they ups and down the only reason people are all down her back because she is famous. I feel like things like this happen evryday in the world u cant blame her for wut she did that’s why im glad im not famous because if I was I would also be talked about. Leave her alone it’s gonna be alrite the people who talking about her is broke ass hell.

  • Porshia

    .um for you luh fheemales woe tryna put fantasia down….first of all yall need to mind your own buisness…nd forethere more…..she prolly aint new he was married…and plusx fheemales you aull readi knoe how dues are……if dha see sum gud it dnt mattah f he gow wid michelle obama……..dha gna try dha best and get it…so yall need to get up off of her because it dnt mattha if she cant read she got sum yall dnt got…..nd guessx wat dheat is (money) so yall can quite hatein on her…reguardles people make mistakes….you jes hve to learn frum them….nd to fantasia dnt let dhis people get to you…..because if you believe in god jes say…..icna do aull things thru christ with strenghtn meh……so let dhisx people hate…because you getin yours y dha siting up her hateing………nd for hisx wife……first of aull itsx lyfe huney sow y wud you go sue a women jest kusx she stole your man….nd first of aull you shouldna went to her she shuda being cunfronting hem…..because a man gna dew wat dha wana reguardlesx if he married or not……nd for the mane….UM YOU WAS RUNG FOR WAT YOU DID BTT LIKE I TOLE FANTASIA…..ITS LYFE YOU WILL LEARN NEXT TYME KNOT TOO BHEE PLAYING WITH PEOPLE FEELINS BECAUSE THEY REALLY KAN GET YOU KILLED…..SOW TO THE WORLD JUS LEAVE DHISX MESS ALUNG…..BECAUSE THIS AINT GOT NUN TO DO WITH YOU…ND YOU REALLY DNT KNOE WATSZ GOEN ON YOU JEST LISTEN TO DHA NEWSX ND DHA REALLY DNT KNOE WATSX GOWEN ON….SOW PLEASE MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS PEOPLE….

  • Porshia


  • shay

    This is ridiculous! whoever she is dealing with is her and the other persons business. people need to stop looking at these celebrities like they are above the world because they have money. He knew he was married, It’s not her JOB to keep tabs on his marriage. hey probably lied to her and told her he was in the process of a divorce anyway. I’m married and have a kids with someone else. Go ahead and pass judgements but I have been separated and living in a different state from my husband for over 10 years! We are only married on paper and that’s because we dont know his whereabouts. so before you decide to do gods job try doing a background check! ON YOUR DAMN SELF!!!!

  • Nicole

    In my personal opinion, contrary to what appears to be popular belief (on this site, at least), I believe Fantasia is a BEAUTIFUL woman who’s most major mistake was letting the world into her life. She appears to be a genuine sweetheart who is simply trying to live her life and make it in this crazy, mixed up, twisted society. What happened to her happens to women all the time. My prayers are with her and her great, supportive family. I hope that she will get past this event AND your hate, ignorant judgments and irrelevant speculations. Peace and Blessings. Stay up, Tasia!! Life happens : )